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Get Your Food Baskets Ready: Our Guide To The Best Picnic Spots In Delhi

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The soft sun, light winds, and the bloom of flowers make spring the perfect time for a picnic in Delhi. So, grab your baskets and mates, put on your shades, ditch the usual restaurant scene, and head out to one of these places for a nice, little picnic this season.

PS: We’d love to mildly slide in that most public gardens have their share of PDA goin' on (no judgement, it’s a free country). So, you might want to plan your picnic spot accordingly—especially if you're envisioning a more 'family' evening. 

Please note that it's absolutely crucial that you take full safety precautions by practising social distancing and wearing masks at all times before heading out. 

Lodhi Garden

One of the most popular picnic spots, this place has stunning ruins, lush grounds and lots of pretty gazebos for a super-fun winter picnic with your friends and fam. 

Things You Can Do: The many different kinds of trees are home to some beautiful birds so if you're up for some bird-watching or nature photography, this is the place to be. And if historical monuments intrigue you, Lodhi Gardens have some brilliant Mughal architecture to keep you occupied. 

Entry Fees: The entry here is free of cost

Nehru Park

A well-maintained space in the tree-shaded area of Chanakyapuri with endless green grounds all around, Nehru Park is also a popular venue for many events and festivals. 

Things You Can Do: Spread across 85 acres, this place is ideal for morning runs and jogs with well laid down concrete paths. So, we'd suggest you pack a heavy breakfast which you can hog on post a rejuvenating run. And do keep a protein bar handy, for a quick pick-me-up; check out some awesome brands here.

Entry Fees: There are no charges for entry to this place, however, there will be parking charges. 

Sunder Nursery

One of the most beautiful (and biggest) gardens that Delhi boasts of, this heritage park was revamped into an extremely aesthetic-looking space. Expect symmetric sections, Mughal ruins and plenty of water channels. 

Things To Do Here: There are literally a million things you can do here. You can go on a photographic exploration of the six heritage sites here, for starters. Or walk around the 30 acres of the Biodiversity Zone. Just make sure you have your walking shoes on. Oh, and they also have a really nice FabCafe by the lake in case you want to stop by for some coffee.

Entry Fees: You'd have to pay a nominal entry charge of around INR 35 for Indian nationals and INR 100 for non-Indians. They also provide an Annual Pass for INR 3,000. 

Sanjay Lake

An artificial lake towards the Eastern side of the city, we hear you can even take a boat ride here for a nominal charge. The park itself is giant. So, relaxing here and munching on sandwiches sounds like a great way to while away your time this winter.

Things To Do Here: Hosting around 90 species of birds (including some migratory ones), this place is a birdwatcher's delight. There's also an adventure park that you can visit for some fun activities. 

Entry Fees: There are no charges for the entry to this place. 

Qudsia Bagh

This hidden gem of a park located near Kashmiri Gate houses the remains of a shaahi (royal) masjid and other ancient structures, giving it a very rustic look (and a peek into its glorious past state). This one’s a good bet when you want an uncrowded, relaxing spot to escape from the city's bustle and soak in that all-important sun.

Things You Can Do: Honestly, soak in all the historic events that you can from this colossal (almost) wreck. 

Entry Fees: There are no charges for entry to this place. 

India Gate

An iconic picnic spot, in summer and winter, a trip to the India Gate is incomplete without setting up a blanket, chowing down on ice-cream and popcorn, and having a fun time playing outdoor games with the fam. Our childhood memories are full of buying those soap bubble tools and will-stop-working-in-a-day LED toys as well.

Things You Can Do: I mean, we don't really have to tell you what you need to be doing here. The minute you enter those barricades, you'll instantly know what to do. 

Entry Fees: There are no charges for entry to this place.

PS: In case you're more of the fancy popcorn type, check out some flavoured popcorn brands here.

Garden of Five Senses

This stunning place has plenty of sculptures, flower gardens, and interesting, artistic pieces amidst all the greenery and plazas. There’s also a food court, and for a great outdoor experience, you can check out the Fio Country Kitchen And Bar near gate no.1. The place is open between 9 am to 6 pm.

Things You Can Do: The flower paradise that this place is, make sure you let this place heighten all your five senses for real and please don't pluck any flowers. 

Entry Fees: The entry ticket is priced at INR 35 for adults.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

A hit for all the Noida-dwellers, you can chill with your picnic blankets and baskets. Remember to carry your cameras along, since winter is the time of the year when you will spot plenty of migratory birds here.

Things You Can Do: Definitely get your cameras here because there's no way in hell you would wanna miss on capturing SO many different kinds of birds here. Oh, and maybe visit your Noida friend post this?

Entry Fees: INR 30 for per person for a day's visit. You also need to pay for your cameras, if you're planning to take them.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Patches of grass along with a big lake, this one is better suited for when you’re okay with long nature walks run by the Conservation Education Centre over there, and exploring the natural environment. 

Things You Can Do: The nature trail of this extravagant southern ridge of the Aravalli Hills has a captivating nature trail that you must walkthrough. 

Entry Fees: You'll have to pay INR 100 (approx.) for the tickets.

Millenium Indraprastha Park

Built atop a landfill site, this super large park near Sarai Kale Khan is well-maintained and has a children's park, amphitheatre, and the World Peace Stupa. 

Things You Can Do: Gigantic enough to not miss, the World Peace Stupa sure does make for a great photo op. It's also a good spot for a light game of cricket or football this winter. So, don't forget to take your sports kit before heading out.

Entry Fees: Entry to the park is free of cost.

Damdama Lake

If your idea of a picnic is expandable this winter and includes some boating, then this huge natural lake in Gurgaon is the place to be.

Things You Can Do: You can indulge in some adventure activities if you wish to. Rock climbing, cycling, trekking and the likes. 

Entry Fees: Picnic at the lake is free, while you'll have to shell out money for boating and other activities.

Deer Park

A variety of birds, historical monuments, and the Hauz Khas lake are all the right reasons to head to Deer Park for a winter picnic. The green cover at this park is amazing and it also has a skating rink for all your restless friends.

Things You Can Do: Visit PMJ for a groovy (and full of jazz) night out, post your day amidst the greens.

Entry Fees: No entry charges are applicable for entering the park.


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