Put On Your Sunnies & Chill At These Picnic Spots In Chennai

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Ever wondered where you can chill and have a picnic in Chennai? Yes, we’ve got some chaotic roads and the traffic is bad (not Bangalore bad, tho), but we’ve also got a bunch of serene spots to lay down your blanket and picnic Oswald-style. Scroll down to know the top picnic spots in Chennai! 

Chetpet Eco Park

For a picture-perfect picnic experience, head to Chetpet Eco Park. They’ve got a lake with a picket fence, ducks quacking in the evening, cool breeze, and the opportunity to witness a dramatic sunset - all painting a very serene picture. You can also go on a boat ride after a hearty meal. 

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What’s better than a picnic? A picnic by the beach! Covelong, a small fishing village in Chennai is known for having the best scenic views of the ocean and is perfect for a picnic as it’s not crowded. Build sandcastles, collect shells, and sit by the palm trees to have a chill beach-side picnic. 

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Pulicat Lake

Combine your love for nature with food and picnic by Pulicat Lake, home to various migratory bird species. This 600-year-old water body is winning for its views and is mostly isolated, making it a great picnic spot. Include fun activities such as bird-watching and boat rides and make a memorable day out of it. 

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Marina Beach

This one never gets old. Marina Beach has and will always be the go-to picnic spot for everyone. With plenty of snacking options available at the beach, all you need to do is slather some sunscreen, pick a book or games to play and head there on your own or your squad for a fun day out. 

Semmozhi Poonga

Here, the grass is green on all the sides, making it one of the best picnic spots in the city. Come sunshine or rain, the beauty at this park always remains as it is filled with beautiful birds and rare species of trees, and is also very spacious. And after eating yum thayir sadham (curd rice), it feels great to lay on the grass or get a cup of filter coffee. Aah! The sound of birds chirping. 

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MGM Dizzee World

This one is for the families and kids who love adventure. If a simple picnic by the park is a bit too basic for you, head to MGM Dizzee World which is filled with super fun rides and plenty of adventure. Picnic by the giant wheel or by the pool sounds fun? You can totally do that here. 

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Tada Falls

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a picnic at Tada Falls (also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls) is well within your league. Pack some sandwiches and drinks and head up to the falls where you can get a breathtaking view of the city, and some great pictures for the gram. Read more here.

Muttukadu Lake

Away from the hustle of the city, Muttukadu Lake presents itself as a Pinteresty and calm picnic spot. Pick a spot by the rocks or the backwaters and have a fun picnic with your loved ones - no honking and traffic sounds here!

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Just a 40-minute drive from the city, DakshinaChitra is a great picnic spot for friends and family. With 18 houses reflecting the old architecture and dripping with rustic vibes, having a picnic here will transport you to the past. Pick your house and picnic away! 

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Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach is also one of the more popular one-day picnic spots near Chennai. The drive to the place itself is exciting and that coupled with sight-seeing opportunities for Shore Temple and Pancha Rathas rock-cut temples make it all the more an alluring option. 

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