Geometric-Shaped Decor That Will Make Your Space Look Post-Modern Edgy In 2022

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A trendy home can be many things because it is constantly changing, but an edgy home stays the same without ever going out of style. And nothing spells edgy to the T than the clean edges of uber cool, geometric shaped decor pieces. Inherently modern-looking, this style of interior decoration will remain timeless, include extremely versatile pieces and can level up the vibe of any setting. So if you want to save yourself the pain of constantly keeping with the evolving decor trends, and keep your money too, invest in these geometric home accents and accessories. Click on Shop Now to make your purchase(s).

Concrete Diamante Planter

Concrete Diamante Planter


Sit this charming little Concrete Diamante Planter from Eliteearth on a personal desk, a window sill or on any corner table and it will grab eyes. Such is its geometric statement. It also conveniently doubles as a holder or a trinket dish. We love that these come in multiple colour options and with a marble-like finish. This makes it easier to match with your setting, we say you definitely buy more than just one piece of this beauty and style it based on intuition.

Prism Candle Holder

Prism Candle Holder


Another multi-functional decor accent, this Prism Candle Holder from Isaaka ticks all the qualities of a design-driven geometric pattern. The prism shape breaks away from the usual hexagonal-triangle-circle and the size difference (a set of two) adds a certain drama. Again, this can be used as a candle holder or as a standalone decorative element. You can also lay it horizontally if you're rolling with the latter.

Geometric Structured Deer Showpiece

Set of 2 Geometric Structured Deer Showpiece


Rightly called a centerpiece, this set of Geometric Structured Deers from Boontoon makes our list for the visual interest and modern styling it brings in heaps. They don't take over an entire set up, instead they quietly elevate it. Oh, and that combination of matte black and gold is simply stunning. These can be used as cool paper weights too.

Hexagonal Designer Wall Clock

Hexagonal Designer Wall Clock (Grey-Gold)


Modern wall clocks are in and in terms of shape, the hexagon seems to be ruling the roost. It's got a certain Nordic/Scandinavian touch to it, like does Yours Concretely's Hexagonal Designer Wall Clock. It's custom build and rustic colour scheme -- cement grey and gold is alluring enough to raise enquiries from guests. 

Archimes Mirror

Archimes Mirror


Not exactly the sharp edges you'd expect but this Archimes Mirror from Mohh fits right into the geometric accents aesthetic. Firstly, it's circular (counts as a shape) and lastly, just look at that contemporary design. It is the inspiration and mimicry of the graceful moon that does it for us. You can spot the gold-brass crescent shape holding the actual mirror. Dripping in elegance, this will make a splendid addition to any room.

Wooden Honeycomb Shaped Lamp

Wooden Honeycomb Shaped Lamp


Low-key the most exciting geometric product on this list, we're completely smitten with this Wooden Honeycomb Shaped Lamp from WallMantra. The arrangement, composition and pattern is so unique that it could be mistaken for an art installation, but it's actually even better because it is not just aesthetical but functional too. Imagine this as a foyer light, gorgeous!

Geometric Cat Mirror Wall Hook

Geometric Cat Mirror Wall Hook


Hanging things in style is the new cool and if you must make an upgrade in this daily object, make it artsy, playful and eye catching with this Geometric Cat Mirror Wall Hook from Hollyhock. Use it to hang keys, bags, even jewellery rather stylishly. You could also buy multiple pieces and make wall art out of, even more if you're a cat lover. We also love that this option ditches the use of wood and metal for a more out there, mirror, as its material.

Aztec Pattern Hexagon Serving Tray

Aztec Pattern MDF Small Hexagon Serving Tray


Tableware is usually pinned as ordinary most times but this Hexagon Serving Tray from Crayton puts the extra right into the ordinary. Its creative Aztec patterns (note that these are geometric shapes too), mix of deep colours and stunning shape make this a beautiful table showpiece. Don't just use it to serve but if you're feeling up to it, just leave it on the table or use it as a stand to sit candles on like shown in the image. 

Capsule Metal Hanging Planter

Capsule Oval Shaped Metal Hanging Planter in Gold


Yes, we've given you a desk planter option but this Hanging Capsule Oval Shaped Metal Planter from 1BHK Interiors demanded a mention. This has to do with its characteristic, easily noticeable look. Sure it doesn't have sharp geometrical edges but it does have a more unique design scheme - we're referring to oval shape. The brand also has a Diamond Shaped Planter, again in this contemporary gold finish. 

Geometric Ribbed Bathroom Set

Geometric Ribbed Detail Solid Bathroom Set


Bathroom accessories don't ever have to be jaded or come as an afterthought once you take a look at this Geometric Ribbed Bathroom Set from Shresmo. The resin finish mimics marble without the breakage and the heavy price tag but it's the design that will catch your attention at first. It looks classy and luxurious from the get-go.


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