Play Masterchef In Your Kitchen With Cafe Diva’s DIY Food Kits

Cafe Diva

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

What Makes It Awesome

Apparently, quarantine has turned everyone into Michelin Star chefs but all we’ve managed to cook during lockdown has been Maggi (no disrespect to the OG 2 AM meal.) When we saw someone make pizza from scratch, dough and all, we knew we had to do it, too. But we had no clue about proportions or where to get yeast so we found our saviour in “DIVA Casa” which is basically a DIY food kit where they send you literally all the ingredients you’ll need in the exact amount, along with a video guide of all the steps to make a Cafe Diva standard meal at home! So while your Mom may not trust you to be left alone in the kitchen, there’s no way she won’t trust Chef Ritu Dalmia, TV Chef, cookbook author and, of course, the brains behind Cafe Diva.

Since pizza is on our order every time we go to Cafe Diva, that’s what we decided to get! The Margherita Pizza came with a half-prepped dough that we garnished with fresh mozzarella and basil and then baked ourselves. In under 10 minutes, we had a bubbly, cheesy pizza in front of us and we made sure to put it on our Instagram because it looked as good as it tasted! We also got the Slow Cooked Meat Ragu that we put together in a pot and cooked the pasta al dente for and the meaty sauce was pretty much our best idea of a comfort meal. We couldn’t not get dessert so we got the Baked Cheesecake that we garnished with a fresh berry compote. The cheesecake was just the right amount of sweet and the tart berries made it perfectly balanced!

They’ve also got salads like the Avocado, Raw Mango & Kale Salad and the Asian Chicken Salad which you can get when you’re looking for a lighter meal. Also on the recipe box are Gnocchi, Risotto, Asian curries with noodles or rice and crispy Taiwanese Baos which we’re going to order next time! If you’re looking to impress your family (and yourself) with homecooked food that tastes like it came from a fancy restaurant (‘cause it kinda did), check out DIVA Casa!

Price: minimum order is of INR 1,500

What Could Be Better

While we like the ease of having a gourmet meal ready in under 10 minutes, maybe a longer, more elaborate option for people who are up for doing every step themselves would be cool, too. 


You can order via Whatsapp and also get the entire detailed menu there. We spoke to Mohit (+91 9582994095) and he was super helpful and answered every question we had. 

Cafe Diva

Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi