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7 Eateries To Hit Up For Epic Vegan Food In The City

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Delhi can be a bit tricky when it comes to vegan food, and if you thought that it’s next to impossible to find great vegan restaurants or cafes, we’re here to turn that thought around.

Here are our favourite restaurants which incorporate delish vegan food in their usual menus.

Disclaimer: While cafes and restaurants are reopening and following health and safety guidelines, please ensure you continue practicing social distancing and wear a mask. Step out safely.

Rose Cafe

The quaint Rose Cafe has an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegan dishes. Choose from salads (pumpkin or beetroot), open sandwiches, pasta, vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie and a bunch of desserts including vegan banana cake, apple cake and our favourite, dark chocolate gelato. You can even get whole cakes by the kilo, just order a couple of hours in advance.

Cafe Turtle

Cafe Turtle doesn’t have a separate, marked section for vegans, but the staff is well-versed in the menu and can help you out with the best options. Add to this their selection of books and gorgeous terrace, and you’re sorted.

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Perch is one of our favourite places to chill at in the city. With the smell of fresh coffee lingering in the air, and the pretty seating on the terrace, we couldn't really ask for more. Their menu is really comprehensive and they have quite a few options that are dairy-free. 

Greenr Cafe

Greenr has to be the one restaurant that has probably the most number of vegan options on the menu. Even if there are things on their menu that aren't vegan originally (like pizza), they offer vegan alternatives for an extra charge. 

Burma Burma

Burma Burma is the one restaurant that has an entirely vegetarian menu so vegan options are aplenty. And the food is so good that you'll legit forget about your chicken tikkas and mutton biryanis for some time. They also serve great bubble tea, which is actually one of the many reasons we keep going back to this restaurant.


Those who love eating healthy swear by the food at Getafix, and no healthy menu is complete without vegan options. They offer vegan substitutes for their (delicious) smoothies, and the staff even makes a conscious efforts to reduce the waste as much as possible (probably why you won't be given straws at this restaurant).

Roadhouse Cafe

This beautiful cafe is perfect for low-key chilling scenes with your gang. But what makes us love it even more is the fact that they have a separate menu that has vegan and gluten-free dishes (available on request).


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