Amp Up Your Tableware Collection With These Gorgeous Pieces From Intiki

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Meanwhile, I am fascinated with the new brand I came across last week. Here is everything you all must know about it and host more parties in style.

In the Telugu dialect, Intiki means home. It brings design elements with a modern and clean aesthetic to the spaces that people inhabit. Drawing inspiration from the textures and tonality of India, the products appear luxurious but hold reminiscence of the inspiration they hail from. Their homage to the homeland is personified through a mix of different materials, finishes, and styles native to India - an attempt to stay mindful of appealing to different people with varying aesthetics.

The first collection, B-9 is inspired by cherished childhood memories and elements. Built on the thought – ‘from the heart to home’, their collection sees reflections of nostalgia in each piece. The terrazzo coasters are reminiscent of the cool summer flooring in old-style constructions, the glistening paraat used to knead flour inspires the brass tapas plates, and childhood puzzles take on an updated form through the cheeseboards.

The collection comprises of tabletop products and is an ode to the designer's childhood home and all the memories associated with it. You can check out their range of absolutely stunning products on Instagram here: {@intikistories}. Starting at INR 1,385, these products go up to INR 5,900.

What makes Intiki even cooler is that their products are made all over India. Each piece is crafted by hand and is unique in its identity, beauty, and flaws. The marble comes from Agra, the terrazzo from Jaipur, and so on.

What Could Be Better?

They are working on supplying their gorgeous products to stores. It’s online for now.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000