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Curate A Care Package For Your(Stressed AF)Self With Our Comforting Guide

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Online school, working from home or just the general shi*t show that's been the year 2020 and 2021, there's no better time to give yourself (or send someone) a little bit of self care in a box than now. From face masks to cookies and gadgets that'll make Zoom calls so much more bearable, send a little boxed love to your buddy who's just constantly stressed out (Alexa, play that one song by Twenty One Pilots.) 

You can pick the entire box or even 3 or 5 things depending on their stress level and ship it directly to 'em (with free shipping on all orders over INR 599, yay.)

Sweet Treats

Signature Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (320g)


A care package without a comforting dessert is just careless, I said what I said. Nothing makes me feel calmer than a nice cookie because dessert therapy is a real thing guys. I love these oatmeal cookies because they're natural and healthy but studded with so many chocolate chips that they pair really well with milk or coffee.

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Skin Specials

Aloe Cucumber Face Scrub - 125gm


The easiest way to give your friend some TLC is a relaxing, soothing face mask that'll help them get into zen mode. This aloe and cucumber face mask will feel super calming and it works two ways because it also exfoliates the skin as it brightens.

PS: Just drop them a Whatsapp to cut some cucumber slices for their eyes for the full effect.

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Caffeine Kick

Creme Caramel Premium Blend Arabica Instant Coffee (50g)


Okay, yeah, you know it and I know it that staying awake through the 6th Zoom call of the week is a task. This instant coffee is super easy to make so they won't have to wait ages for it to brew and the caramel just makes it feel a bit more special than regular coffee.

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Super Soft Pillows

Sky Blue Polka Play Decorative Cushions with Filler (Set of 2) - 16 x 16


What's the most literal way you could remind your friend it's okay to rest? Yup, just send them a pillow or two. This sky blue set comes with the filler included so your friend won't even have to switch out cushions they already own and just look at the blue and tell me it doesn't make you feel there's clear skies ahead. 

Organised & Sorted

Office Organizer (White-Black)


Your friend's probably already gotten a laptop table and invested in some good quality headphones but their desk may still be missing an organiser. This one comes in 5 shades and has slots for phones, business card and easy-to-lose stationery. 

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Get Snacky

Yellow Corn Chips (100g)


I get snacky when I'm stressed so I like to reach for easy snacks that'll fill me up (but not too much) between meals. Graminway's healthy chips are made using ingredients like soya, corn and ragi so they're a much better alternative to regular chips (that have 70% air in the packet anyway.) 

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Light On

Spring Blush - Scented in Cherry Blossom


If you get the feeling that Taylor Swift probably wrote her song "You Need To Calm Down" for yourself or your friend... Get them a candle (and schedule a FaceTime call with them, why don't you?) This candle will remind them of spring time and the packaging is really pretty, too, so they could display it in their room or keep it on their work desk.

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Fuzzy Socks

Unisex Set of 4 Pizza + Burger + Chai + Egg Crew Socks


Comfort food + warm feet, does it get better than that? These printed socks probably feature one, if not all, of your friend's favourite food and nothing feels worse than cold feet so this is a pretty cosy way of telling them to take a break. Plus, at INR 599 for 4 pairs, it's a pretty good deal, too.