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Get A Custom-Made Bright, Neon Sign For Your Bedroom Here

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What Makes It Awesome

We found a teeny store, located on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road, that can custom-make glow signs and neon signs for your bedroom!

It's Lit!

Keep your eyes peeled for this one – it’s a rather small, unimpressive store. Look closely, because even if the store isn’t fancy-shmancy, you might catch a glint of neon. While walking past Ghitorni’s furniture market, we stopped by to ask if we could have our very own, personalised sign and they said yes! We spotted the quintessential red, glow-in-the-dark pin-up girl that adorns the walls of many a bar, some neon letters that could spell magic in your room and metallic accents to jazz up your living space.

A Mini Makeover

If your room no longer inspires you, might we suggest asking for a custom-made bright light? Choose your favourite word and have it scrawled across your wall, or maybe you’d like a one-of-a-kind quirky neon design element – either way we’re sure the friendly owners of this shop can help you out. It’s not cheap; a six-inch neon letter costs about INR 1,500, but if you’re in the mood to splurge {maybe even get a sign for your sibling’s bedroom}, we think this is a really great option.