Get These Cutest Personalized Mugs For Your Loved Ones!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Move over ‘I am a coffee or a chai person’ debate. It is time to roll your head around which cup you should have your drink in

This mommy blogger - Shradha Jain kickstarted an initiative Carving Dreams to give you the most adorable personalised cups. I bet you will have your head rolling with her creativity. From dreamy unicorns to everyone’s favourite - Donald Duck, peppa pig, Winnie the Pooh and thousand other designs, Carving Dreams will make you anything and everything - as per your choice

She started this out of passion when her newborn came as she wanted to give her little one a dash of personal touch and took it further as her 24x7 job. If you are a mommy to be - then you will be in for some real treat.

What’s the beauty - she carves beautiful clay structure on almost anything - not just mugs. It is like she gives life to every dull item on the earth - be it your plain simple bottles, tin boxes or plain canvases. What’s more - she makes the clay she uses to make the pretty sculptures at home.

If you got a design and craving for a personalized thing in mind - she has got the creativity to put it to life.

Price: Starting range for cups is Rs 850

Pro Tip: Next birthday/anniversary/bridal shower - gift someone a personalized thing I am sure they will remember you all their life :)

Happy shopping, people.