Shake A Leg, Gurgaon: Here Are The 8 Best Dance Studios & Academies In Town

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Dancing is not only super therapeutic, but also has the ability to help you with your confidence and self esteem, and help you shake off all the stress and tension that comes with just existing. If you're living in and around Gurgaon, then check out these eight dance studios that offer classes for everything from jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and more. 

The Backyard Groovers Dance Laboratory

Located in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, The Backyard Groovers Dance Laboratory is known to have the best of the best jazz, hip-hop and ballet teachers in the industry. Been in action for the past nine years, it was founded by Sandeep Chugh, who has over 1,400 stage shows to his credit, international musicals, Bollywood projects and 12 years of experience as a teacher. As a brand, The Backyard Groovers aim to not only teach you the meanest moves but also help with confidence, posture and social ethnics. They teach their students to express themselves and find their passion through dance as an art form. They offer pro as well as fun classes ranging on different difficulty levels—perfect for beginners. 

The Danceworx

Founded by the rather well-known and very respected Ashley Lobo, The Danceworx takes every step seriously. They run batches for contemporary, jazz and ballet for different levels of expertise; moving up the ladder depends on your pace of learning and footwork.

For those who have unpredictable schedules, they offer an open class schedule, which might work better for you. All courses need registration two weeks before batches begin, so make sure you call the office and find out about the admission process.

First Dance

Whether it’s your very first dance class or the first one you really enjoyed, this dance studio is here to bring back those happy feels and make you happier, healthier and stronger at your dance moves! First Dance aims at making those twists and twirls truly memorable. Blending ease, fun and comfort with expert dance direction, First Dance is the place to start your dance journey. From salsa to bachata and jazz to Bollywood, they've got something for everyone. If you’re looking to try something new, they’ve got belly dancing too! So whether you’re prepping for your bestie’s wedding or adding finesse to your moves for the next party, you know where to go.

Choreo N Concept

Choreo N Concept is the all-ages dance studio in Sector 45 that does it all! Whether you’re looking to enrol yourself, your partner or your little one in dance class, these guys can sort you out. They’ve got online classes (yess!), wedding/sangeet choreography, group classes and corporate fitness classes too! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new way to burn calories or want to become the next Nora Fatehi, you’ll have tons of fun either way. Check out their website for detailed info on fees and courses offered, and book a free trial for yourself. Also, if you want to stay updated on all their courses, reviews and offers, follow their Instagram.

Star Dance Academy

This is easily one of the best dance academies in Gurgaon. The trainers are specialists in styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, salsa and bachata. They also have four different levels for all styles—beginners, improvers, intermediate, and advanced—depending on your proficiency in the style; therefore, offering a different learning experience for all kinds of dancers.

MDFC- My Dance & Fitness Centre

From hip-hop and contemporary to Bollywood, they do it all. They have students across ages, and they even have special batches for toddlers and senior citizens. Apart from dance forms, they offer fitness oriented classes such as zumba and aerobics as well. 

Zink Fitness Studio

The fitness studio focusses on fun ways to get fit like Fitness Zumba, Fitness Bollywood and Fitness Masala Bhangra. Leaving cardio aside, they also do a belly dance class, which isn’t structured like a workout, but you tell us how those abs are doing a few months down the line!

Delhi Dance Academy

From regular dance forms like hip-hop and jazz to crazier ones like B-Boying and Gymnastics, Delhi Dance Academy in Gurgaon provides classes for every dance form in between. The great thing is that those who wish to take up dance for reasons that lean more towards fitness than a hobby will also have a ton of options to choose from, here. They offer Zumba, Power Yoga, Aerobics, and even self-defence classes. You can choose to pay INR 3,500 monthly or go with a more economical quarterly plan priced at INR 9,300 (for their thrice a week schedule).

You can also choose to take a trial class for INR 300 if you wish to see whether or not this is the place to make your Dancing Queen dreams come true.