#GetTheLook: Sonam Kapoor's Artsy London Home

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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s London home is all things wonderful. If you watch her home tour with AD, or Google the actress’ home, you’ll be greeted with ornate carvings, vintage elements from India, and lots of well-curated art (with help from Jhaveri Contemporary we hear). Her home by her own admission has many elements from India (inspired or transported), proving that no matter where you go, the desi element is what makes a home for us all. Right from the de Gournay wallpaper, and charpoys to the decor, art and Indian furniture, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has an eye for all things elegant and artsy. A lot of the decor and art are sourced, designed, and made specifically for her.

That being said, the aesthetic isn’t unattainable. We’re sure local markets have options for them all, but if you’re looking for inspiration and options online, we’ve picked out decor inspired by Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s home that you can buy and style your own home with. 

Colour: Deep & Contrasting Hues

Gold coffee table, red sofa, corally green chair, deep forest green doors and palm trees printed wallpaper. Sonam's living room is exactly this, except she's managed to balance everything beautifully and make it come alive. The best way to highlight this is by adding printed cushions in contrasting or neutral tones. Here, she has set up a deep ref sofa, an ochre yellow option, set off nicely by the deep green pouffe. Mrs. Ahuja mentions it's magic when gold and silver come together, and that's because both complement deep colours well (more on the metal below) It's not important that adding colour means everything, you can add neutral tone furniture with history to add character to your home. Since seating options are a necessity, making them eye-catching serves the purpose of adding character to the room as well. 

Our Picks For Seating: Gulmohar Lane (red), Durian (yellow/ochre), and Nestroots for pouffes whether you like deep solids or printed options to offset plain options. And if you're looking for statement cushion covers for plain sofas, we've curated some here

Indian Touch

Sonam has encapsulated her country in her London home, she mentions she wanted all her spaces to remind her of India - the culture and the colours (de Gournay wallpaper, is a major statement piece here). And it’s probably because of this that the house features a lot of elephant related items - wall lamps, wallpapers and showpieces. This metallic elephant headstand is very apt just to add as an accent. If it's not just elephants you like, there are other ways to incorporate "India" into your home through handcrafts, and region-specific accents and patterns. Think Longpi Pottery pieces, Bidri work decor, using fabrics with an Ikkat, Mughal print and the like. If it's specifically elephants you want to add to your home, we have decor, home accessories, art and more featuring an elephant theme.

Our Picks For Brands With Indian Theme Products: Nicobar, Fab India (especially soft furnishings and upholstery), Okhai, House of Ekam, and if you're looking to keep it playful, Chumbak 

Antique Decor

We can see that culture and heritage have been appreciated throughout the video which makes sense for the number of antique items (from around the world we might add) Sonam has in her home. While we don't all have the luxury of inheriting furniture and decor that's an heirloom, local markets do provide hidden gems. The look can be recreated with products that have an antique finish as well. These include wood with a deep, warm varnish, elements of muted metal and also some amount of exposed wood. Other antique elements include products from the past be it old clocks and phones, candle stands (these candleholders are identical to the ones she has on her dining table), lighting options and home accents like vases (get a similar looking silver vase to the one in her powder room here), bookends, and even fixtures on your furniture. 

Our Picks Of Brands With Vintage DecorFos Lighting (for light options), TheDecorKart for Vintage-esque products, and Artisan Rose for all kinds of vintage and antique decor.

Workstation for Productivity

Although her office table is custom made, and pretty much everything is by a designer, we’ve found an almost similar looking Writing Table In Walnut Brown Finish. Functional, simple, the rich hue will work with any home aesthetic. Even here, the colours and the themes are congruent with the rest of her home. The workstation is solid but fuss-free, and also comes with a slice of art to inspire. It's interesting to note that there are two sources of light on that table. Softer lighting for when natural light doesn't suffice, and a more conventional desk lamp when it gets dark. For our picks of desk lamps, check here

Our Picks For The Workstation: Woodenstreet for desks, Lap & Dado for Chairs (we love how this looks vintage but is still a practical swivel chair), and for lighting opinions that match the vibe, look no further than Studio Indigene.

The Classic Charpai Chairs

One of our favourite pieces from Sonam’s office was this charpai chair that she got custom made from Sridhar Poddar, local markets across the country make similar options with jute, wood, and even yarn of various kinds. The charpai resonates with the Indian culture of sitting which is what she has tried to incorporate in her space. Also heavily featured through the home is another popular woven design - rattan. Whether it's on the living room console, or on the chairs (here's a similar option by the Home Canvas, we spotted it. For brands to get great rattan products check out this list

Our Picks For Charpoi Chairs: Jaypore, Okhai, Evolvekart

Metallic Elements

Be it her home or studio space, there are a lot of metallic elements. To complement the ornate, vintage themes these feature as small flourishes (gilded corners, frames, and the like), to the larger elements that draw the eye like the silver and gold coffee table, or her room’s dressing mirrors and vanity table. The deep colours that feature in Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's home are visibly lifted by the metallic accents as they reflect as well as highlight darker corners of the home. They also add a luxurious touch to the general set-up in general (often why they are used in the first place, we might add). If you're looking to add casual glints of silver and gold to your home we've got just the list for you with metal home accessories to pick up. 

Our Picks Of Brands For Metal Decor: Nestasia, Amaya Decors (for more Indian and festive options too), Mason Home, 1 BHK Interiors.

Getting The Basics Right

The dining table featured plenty of ornate and vintage candle stands, glassware, and basic tableware options. Specifically white plates just like these from Ikea. Honestly these go with any colour scheme, any look, and work well for daily use as well as entertaining guests. Set those with cutlery, and white table napkins, and you’re basically setting up your table just like Mrs Kapoor Ahuja. Get your home basics right with our recommendations here.

Our Picks For Dinner Basics: Ikea, H&M Home, Miah Decor, Nestasia, Home Centre,  and Crock Chok for vintage style wine/Whisky glasses

Floral Art Detailing

Sonam Kapoor definitely has an appreciation for art, right from supporting South Asian artists, to getting hand-painted wallpaper to every room. She also talks about her love for pressed flower wall art. Maybe getting Parisian options from the ’40s might be tough, but The Crimson Shop has a range of frames and other decor options you can buy based on availability. For something more minimalistic, this brand on Amazon has a bunch of options.

Our Picks For Purchasing Art: World Art Community, Kalakaari Haath, Itokri (for pressed flower art)

Botanical Prints And Lively Greens

One of the classiest aspects of her London abode is the magnificent and dramatic wallpapers. A lot of them have tropical, botanical prints and lots of greens. Her living room is filled with hints of nature-themed aspects courtesy of wallpaper by de Gournay, LV, and Calico. You’ll find similar lively wallpapers featuring giant plants and subtle green hues from the likes of Jaypore like this one and Kalakaari Haath. 

To bring home natural and nature-themed products, check here.

Royal And Traditional Carpets

Adding a classy and pretty hue to the floors, you can always use royal looking rugs to instantly elevate the vibe in your living room. Rugs are known to tie in looks, bring attention to corners, and generally add elements of warmth and softness to wherever they are. Yep, rugs are expensive, but it’s worth the investment. Her living room has a huge, classic handwoven maroon rug. And it goes really well with her dark and royal hued sofa set and metal table. We suggest you check out Jaipur Rugs for their beautiful collection and quality products. Though depending on your space, something as heavy as what's in Sonam's home might not always be suitable.

Here are brands that are known for all kinds of rugs, suitable for all kinds of spaces and budgets.