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The Delhi Government Has Banned All Forms Of Chewing Tobacco

Aditya posted on 23 April

In an effort to lower the rates of mouth and throat cancer, the Delhi government has banned chewing tobacco. India Today reports that the sale, purchase and possession of all forms of chewable tobacco is now prohibited, with violators facing up to six months in prison and a INR 3,00,000 fine.

Chewing tobacco leads to 90 per cent of mouth cancer cases in India, and one million Indians die every year due to tobacco consumption. The city’s Health Minister has ordered police teams to conduct surprise checks on shops, stalls and outlets to ensure the ban is enforced.

The minister also claimed that a survey has found that 20.8 per cent of boys between the age of 13 – 18 years were using tobacco; both cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

You can read the full article on India Today here.