Get That Comfy Couch For Less With This Furniture Rental Service


Furlenco, a furniture rental service, is now helping first-time homeowners/frequent city-hoppers in Delhi and Gurgaon set up beautiful homes at a fraction of the usual cost.

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Furlenco is geared towards meeting the need for temporary furniture requirements that usually come with renting an apartment. Whether it’s a solitary sofa you need to spruce up your living room or a full set of home décor products to do up a room, there are rental options for everything.

None of the commitment of actually buying and hauling large furniture pieces, and all of the chic décor your home could need? That sounds like something our budget could accommodate, especially because rentals start at INR 999 per month.

So, How Does This Work?

Furlenco has created some furniture packages {for the living room, bedroom or study room} that include two-three large pieces such as a wardrobe, a bed or even a washing machine. These might be more pocket-friendly, but if you’re a DIY-kinda person, you can build your own package as well.

Choose the furniture your home needs {floor-seating, a lazy boy or a dresser} and the good folk at Furlenco will have it delivered within 72 hours, set everything up and also clean up after themselves. There, you’re all set for a long night of Netflix and Chinese takeout.

What We Love

Nifty service add-ons make the case for renting furniture from Furlenco even stronger. You can switch out everything you have, every year if you so please, and pick-up and drop-off is free.

The rental will also cover a once-a-year cleaning service for your new furniture and insurance for any damages upto INR 10,000. Plus, if you move to another city {with Furlenco operations}, relocation services are free.