This Gaming & Bowling Place In Noida Is Open Till 4AM


    What Makes It Awesome

    Located right above Theo’s in Noida, Glued Reloaded is a haven for gamers. Apart from pool and bowling, the fact that this is open till 4am has us giving it two thumbs up.

    There’s no alcohol, but when you’ve already stuffed yourself with cold coffee and pastries at Theo’s who cares? They've also got an extensive menu themselves, so you can gorge on some pizza, rolls, and pasta while you battle it out on the alley with your amigos.There’s enough to keep you entertained, though: Table tennis, pool and snooker tables, a gaming arcade, a bowling alley, PlayStation and bumper cars!

    Psst! You can even book a theatre for a private screening of a movie of your choice here.

    What Could Be Better

    We wish we could enjoy a cold beer along with all the gaming, but they currently don't serve alcohol.