Running Can Be Fun: Join Either Of These Groups In Gurgaon This Season

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A running coach can help a non-runner get started with running, and love it too. Here are the two groups in Gurgaon you should be hitting up.

Bootcamp Yellow

There’s nothing a good run can’t fix. At least that’s what runners say. For some of us non-runners out there, running can be challenging and a seemingly distant fitness goal, but turns out the one thing we need to achieve this challenging goal is a running coach.

At Bootcamp Yellow, they have running programmes that teach you how to work on your skills, mobility and endurance through various drills and exercises.

Find them on Facebook here.

Gurgaon Road Runners

Over 6,000 members strong, this group is great for runners from every demographic. Training all age groups, as well as offering corporate packages, GRR takes one and all under its wings. It’s for novice runners as well as marathoners, providing the ultimate community experience.

Find them on Facebook here.