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Attention: Have You Visited This Hidden Gem That Honours Soldiers Of The Delhi Field Force?

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What Makes It Awesome?

I visited the Mutiny Memorial while I was exploring Delhi one fine day. Before visiting this hidden gem, I was more excited than usual given that it's not a famous tourist spot at all. In fact, very few people knew about it.

Even though the grand structures of Delhi are in ruins, history unfolds itself here, building by building, and site by site. And one such structure that speaks volumes about the history of Delhi is the Mutiny Memorial. Located near Bara Hindu Rao hospital, the memorial was built in 1863 by the public works department. The memorial honours the soldiers of the Delhi field force who died during the mutiny of 1857.

What Could Be Better?

Being a food and travel photographer, I always need to carry my camera to capture some amazing moments. But when I visited this place, I was told that we can't shoot with our cameras or use the tripods. So this is definitely something that irked me, and I hope that changes.

What's My Pro Tip?

Keep a check on your valuable items because we were told to carry our bags with us whole the time.

Anything Else?

Residents of Delhi {and those who're travelling to the capital}, you must check out this amazing place that is home to age-old history and stories you never would've known.