Hills, Rocks & An Undiscovered Delhi Lake In Asola


    I never knew Delhi had this varied a topography or a part that was still untouched by commercialisation until I recently made a trip to Asola. The peace that envelops this area is something else and the hike was a great experience offering a generous view of the rocks, hills {albeit small} and sand.

    Go Take A Hike

    Tired of the daily grind but no time {or money} to go on a lavish vacay? Just drive down to Asola lake. This is a haven for nature enthusiasts, hikers and seekers of peace alike.

    Every Rose Has A Thorn

    While I had a memorable time, I’d suggest not exploring this place alone. You’d be way better off here in a group of up to 8-10 people {better safe than sorry, right?}. The place is hard to find, as there are no sign boards and you end up walking around in loops, making the lake quite a task to find.

    Another dampener: While the lake is cleaner than most places in Delhi, there’s a fair amount beer bottles, packets of chips and the like lying around.


    Use your GPS to navigate. Give yourself at least four hours to get there, keeping a substantial buffer for the time you spend trying to find the place. If you aren’t GPS-friendly, go with someone who knows his/her way around or has been there before. Do remember to make your way back before it starts getting dark.