10 Services In Bangalore That You'll Love If You Hate Going Out


    If you’re someone who loves spending all your days cuddled up in a blanket, binge watching that favourite TV show, along with munching on some junk, you’d be our best friend. Getting yourself to do a task is such a huge deal because isn’t procrastination the best thing ever?  So if you’re just downright lazy like us, given the cold weather or you’re Agoraphobic (that’s the term for folks who don’t like going out), this one’s just for you. Here are a couple of super cool services and apps that the tech-capital of the country has on offer.


    This service is perfect for those who cringe to take some time off, but don’t get out of bed during weekends. The perfect urban lifestyle service curator, UrbanClap brings everything at your doorstep. From spa and salons to guitar lessons and zumba classes, ask and you shall receive, at home of course, at your time and convenience.


    You have a long list of errands you got to run but there’s a party happening tonight that you just can’t miss? Just create a task list and watch as Dunzo does all the work for you. From delivering your laundry to last minute snack runs, they do it all. Not only is this a saviour for your busy life (and laziness, of course) but also the perfect solution to all your requirements that you create and they complete!


    Pending official documents to file or want to get your house cleaned? Just call Housejoy. They’ll look after all those time-consuming tasks that require you to stand in long queues, be it for your passport, pan card, filing your taxes, getting your GST registration or anything for that matter! They also provide services like pest control, painting, fixing, plumbing and house cleaning, and even beauty services for that express mani-pedi.


    This one’s our personal favourite! We’ve all heard our mums ranting on how difficult it is to get a maid in a city like Bangalore. The service give you options of over 10,000 maids, babysitters, nanny, cooks, patient care staff, but what’s more appealing is their policy of replacing the maid, if she leaves for any reason within 6 months of joining. 


    Jeeves is a repair service that includes pickup and delivery to your doorstep. They offer a bunch of services associated with IT services kitchen, home and even security: maintenance, repairs, servicing, and sourcing of accessories if required. You call their all-India toll-free number and explain your problem to the call centre associate on the line. Then you get a customer ID and a call from a service professional soon after, explaining the process, how long you can expect to wait, and expected costs. They also list repairs of common appliances like air-conditioners, fridge, monitors, and printers. Laptop crashed? No sweat. Jeeves to the rescue. TV went kaput? They will fix it in a jiffy too. They also specialise in all kinds of installations.


    Furlenco lets you rent out their furniture for pretty decent rates. You can either pick a part of your house and get furniture to pimp a specific portion up, or you can just choose to fancy up your entire house. Pick a piece, and they’ll have it delivered and that too within 72 hours. Plus, you can also pick up combos like a refrigerator and TV or a washing machine and microwave, to make your life even easier.

    Big Basket

    Long gone are those days when you trudged to the supermarket to buy your weekly supplies. Now that Big Basket is in the house, you can pick from a range of groceries from fresh produce to kitchen essentials to gourmet cakes and bakes, and other essentials you always need around the house. And everything is delivered to your doorstep. They also have an uber-cool feature of customising the time of delivery, be it at 8 AM or 8 PM for even the simplest needs like a packet of Maggi or some eggs.


    If you love reading but you’re too lazy to head out, worry not! Librarywala delivers books to your home and even collects them back. With just delivery within 24 hours, you can choose from over 75,000 books! For subscriptions, you have monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly options. They charge INR 500 as registration fee and a refundable deposit amount of INR 500.

    Slay Coffee

    Slay Coffee

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    If you’re someone who cannot under any circumstances go without your 9 AM, 11 AM, 4 PM, or 6 PM coffee, then we’ve got great news for you. Slay Coffee is a ready-to-drink coffee delivery service that will customise the strength of your coffee, the type and amount of sugar (Sugarfree, white, or brown), and even the milk used - they use almond milk if you’re trying their vegan options. 



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    Craving sushi, but really can't get out of work and head to your usual sushi haunt? All you need to do is hit up Sushimen either on WhatsApp or messaging them on Instagram. The cloud kitchen has a sushi menu that ranges from your good old Tuna Maki to the Unagi Nigiri. And the best part? It's nothing like those store brought sushi. These are made-to-order sushi, using ingredients that are on par with your top sushi restaurants in town.