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5 Tips to Optimise Your Space Using Storage Options

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Whether a large home or a studio, all of us keep running out of space. There's always something that takes up more space and you have to keep moving and shifting stuff. Optimising your existing space and creating room to breathe is very important. After all, the last thing you want to do is get hurt by that one clothes loaded chair or never find anything on a messy desk. That's where smart storage ideas and options will help you.

You don’t need to splurge to create more space in your home, these days, you have tons of brands that offer affordable storage options for every corner and purpose. Take a look at our tips to streamline your comfy space with budget-friendly storage options:

Declutter with Laundry Bags

Zig Zag Storage Hamper

Zig Zag Storage Hamper


One of the most boring things to do as an adult is laundry. Come home and it feels like it’s taking over all your rooms. Go one section at a time and bring home laundry bags to segregate laundry from various rooms. You could put all the bedsheets, cushions, napkins in one laundry bag, and your day to day clothes could be dumped in another one. By doing so, you would be able to clear up a lot of space from your seatings, bed, beneath the wash basins and every other imaginable corner of your home.

Tip: Top 10 Laundry baskets to buy online!

Use Foldable Furniture

Foldable Organizer/Double Tray (Small)

Foldable Organizer/Double Tray (Small)


Want to save ample space without any makeshift adjustments? Choose foldable furniture for your home then! From space-saving coffee tables to beds, sofas, think of it and you will find the most creative designs that will save you space and look aesthetic as well. Foldable furniture is also affordable. These days, you even get foldable organizers that fit effortlessly as side tables in the living room or as spice organizers in your kitchen.

LBB Picks: Urban Ladder, IKEA, Duroflex (yes, THAT one!)

Tuck Away With Baskets

Boho Organiser - Set of 2

Boho Organiser - Set of 2


Baskets are super functional and they look equally fabulous. Whether you have that constant need for organizing stuff or not, baskets will always have your back. You can organize your makeup, magazines, cereals, and clothes - there’s no limit to what baskets can do for you. Baskets help you in optimising space within your budget. Not to mention that they are available in a variety of materials like bamboo, wood, plastic, and jute which enhance the overall aesthetics of your space as well. 

Store Within Your Furniture

Angelica Storage Divan With Mattress

Angelica Storage Divan With Mattress

One of the best ways for creating more space is to opt for furniture that allows you to store in them. Get a storage bed, sofas, ottomans, coffee tables so that you can tuck away all the extras from sight and keep your space neat and expansive. You can get them custom made or simply buy them based on planning your home layout well in advance. Either way, furniture storage will reap spacious returns, pun intended!

LBB Picks: Wooden Street, TeakLab, Wakefit

Install Tiered Shelves

Beige 3 Tiered Wooden Wall Shelf

Beige 3 Tiered Wooden Wall Shelf


Racks and racks full of stuff can make your home feel suffocating and crammed. You can find a way to beat all that by making way for shelves. Use them to put up your planters, books, containers, gadgets and other odds and ends. Shelves are available in varied materials like wood, plastic, macrame - depending upon your aesthetics and the overall theme of your home, you can pick the right size, shape and texture for your shelves. Shelves take away a lot of clutter from the coffee table, side table and countertops and serve almost the same purpose as a bulky cabinet or cupboard, but only more sleek.

When it comes to space optimisation for your home, you have many storage options to rely upon. Before you select a particular storage option idea, make sure to research well, and see how it fits in your home. 

LBB Tip: While we don’t have full-fledged cabinets and shelves, we have a bunch of storage boxes and bins that can certainly help with clearing some clutter. If you’re looking for baskets here are our favourite brands. For your kitchen, here are some kitchen organisers.