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Indian Accent At The Lodhi Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Navni posted on 14 November


After a number of successful years at The Manor in Friends Colony, award-winning restaurant Indian Accent shifted to The Lodhi.

But... Why?

We know – we’d grown to love the restaurant for both its food and ambience. The fact that it was tucked into a residential colony away from commercialisation made it all the more charming. However, they hadn’t been serving liquor for a while {the 500 metre from state and national highway ruling by the SC} and well, it’s just not the same if you can’t pair Chef Manish Mehrotra’s food with a glass of fine wine.

But fret not, the new location, On The Waterfront at The Lodhi, looks absolutely stunning. It’s a 100-seater and has three private dining spaces. The menu {we thank our stars for this} remains the same – a mix of guest favourites along with classics from their early years.

So, We're Saying...

You can dial ’em up right away and book a table for the ultimate culinary experience {Duck Khurchhan Cornetto, here we come!}.

For reservations, call 01166175151.

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Fine Dining
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