Organise Your House (& Life) With This Eco-Friendly Brand's Organisers


    What Makes It Awesome

    While some people may thrive in chaos, I definitely do not. I like my desk, my room and everything else super organised so I know where everything is at all times. On the lookout for eco-friendly and sustainable organisers, I found IndieGood, an online lifestyle store that makes organisers using locally sourced organic cotton crafted by local artisans. 

    For stationery hoarders, they have an organiser to store all your essentials which can be easily rolled up and carried around. They also have box organisers and a watch organiser that would make for a pretty neat gift for someone who's got a good collection. 

    Other than organisers, they also make handloom masks and, wait for it, playing cards. If you've got a pet, they also have some lovely, high-quality collars and the cutest little pins to put on their collars or leashes. 

    Price: the organisers start at INR 750


    Got your eye on an organiser or want to know about the sizing of the collars for your furry friend? You can directly contact the folks at IndieGood by hitting the "Message" button here!