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So Much Good: This Interior Designer With 40 Doggies Makes Honest, Beautiful Homes


    Gurgaon based ex-media person and crazy dog lady, Rubina Dhankar is now full-time into interior design. The pictures of her many assignments tell a fascinating story of homes she’s transformed in her 11-month long stint and suffice to say, we’re head over heels.

    On Cloud Canine

    Rubina started her career with NDTV and ended her media stint as a creative producer for Yash Raj films. After she retired, she surrounded herself by cuddly street dogs who she couldn’t help but get home {she didn’t have the heart to ignore needy puppy eyes!}. Before she knew, her husband and her filled their Delhi house with bow-wows who followed them around like a shadow. The adoption continued till the couple’s love for these babies became all consuming and soon, they found themselves breaking their FDs to fund their everyday needs.

    Soon they realised it wasn’t the most sustainable way and the only way to salvage the situation was for Rubina to jump right into the job market. Just around the time she also happened to put up photos of their new home that had everyone on their Facebook page going mental. House proud women began requesting her to do up their homes and creative bee decided to take up the challenge provided she got paid in, Dog food.

    Space No Bar

    After the promised dog food didn’t arrive a couple of times, she knew that she’d have to figure out a better way. So like all good things, this venture with a heart decided to succumb to convention. But even in that, Rubina upheld her integrity and put out her interior designing fee on a public platform. “I wanted it to be completely transparent… I wanted to give all the dogs a good life,” she explains.

    Today, she is 37-house project-old and pretty sought after for all the right reasons. We love how she plays with colour and infuses a boho feel into everything she touches. It’s great that she never lets space constrict her creativity either. Give her the smallest corner and she’s happy to work with it. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down on her page and see for yourself.

    So, We're Saying...

    She’s one of the nicest people around, brimming with positive energy. Give her a shout if you’re redecorating your pad and she’ll happily turn it into a movie set. You’re free to then wear chiffon saris and dance around the sofas. Just saying.