Get Your Spices Ground Just As You Like It At This Small Store In INA

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I have been collecting masalas and stacking my kitchen shelf like an apothecary. The spice labels for me, are fascinating and they make me re-think each time when I cook. Be it mixing Zaatar or Tahini with my brown rice, I like giving my food one or the other twist each time. It is very crucial to get the best spices, broil them and store them in an airtight container. I am very particular about my spices.

And to cater to my concern for spices, there is a quaint and small shop in INA market. The shop is situated in the bylanes, where you see shades of green leaves kept on one another. I love small lanes and they have their own stories.

The Durga masala shop allows you to choose your own whole grain masala and get them grounded in a stone grinder to any ratio you like. You can add ingredients just as much as you like. I love my Garam masala with more cinnamon and coriander seeds. This shop gives you multiple options to choose from and happily grinds powder for you with a cup of masala chai while you sit and gaze the world of randomness.

What Could Be Better?

Everything about the place is great. Just be open and experiment with spices.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000