This Guide To Redecorating Is Everything A Lazy Person Needs

Nitya posted on 05 May

Anyone who has ever moved into a new house or has redecorated their home will know that the struggle of moving furniture, getting pots and pans, and just making your house look pretty is real, very real {to say the least}. Plus, if you’re lazy, good luck getting anything done, really.

But, we’re still going to try to make your job a lot easier with our lazy person’s guide to redecorating.


The Pepperfrys and Urban Ladders of the world are a great place to start with, but in case you need more options –

Whatsapp or email these two furniture guys on Jail Road for cane couches, sofa sets and dining tables. They’re more than happy to share product catalogs and coordinate furniture customisations over WhatsApp.

If distressed, vintage furniture is more your style, you’ll love Vanilla Bespoke Furniture’s cabinets,  chairs and wardrobes. But if you want to do something with your vintage furniture like your Dadi’s worn-out wardrobe, Mishtoo will be more than happy to customise.

N Square Studio andHome Centre are other great options. For furniture rentals check out Furlenco and Handmade World for customised outdoor furniture.


For stunning earthenware both for your garden and home, Studio Pottery by Jayati Mehta will be a perfect choice. Plus, if you love pastels, you’ve got more than one reason to stock up on her trays and potters.

Don’t trust yourself with earthenware? Does the thought of cleaning up a broken mess tire you out? Well, you’ll love Strawberry Collective‘s brass ware and wooden utensils.

For a greater variety of crockery items, check out World Art Community and Good Earth .

If you’re someone who loves all thing colourful, stock up on Tungs10‘s indie trays, table mats and Pyjama Party‘s kettles, mason jars and bottles. Psst.. they can also double up as decor!

Soft Furnishings (Bed sheets, Curtains, Pillow Covers etc.) :

Setting up and moving around a bed is such a task. Instead, why not just get mattresses, make them look pretty with gorgeous bed linen from Freedom Tree (also great for curtains) and Jaypore, and spread comfy rugs and dhurries from IDAM (we love their bed linen too!) to make your space look nice and cosy.

Oh, and if a space has got plenty of cushions, it’s like a snug little paradise. So, check out Chumbak for statement cushion covers, Pulpypapaya for floor cushions – oh, and artists, you’ll love the Frida Kahlo cushion covers by One Good Thing, we think.


Beauty’s in the details but going into too much detail might seem very time-consuming and well, it requires effort too. So, why not just get a few statement pieces like lamps, vases and mirrors ordered home. Our pick? The Lohasmith. If minimalism and clean lines are more like your style, the Lohasmith’s got all the stuff you’d like.

If, like us, you’re a fan of vintage, rugged lamps, you have to bookmark Gingerline  and Claymango {for vintage posters too}. For handmade (& relatively affordable) fairy light and bottle lamps, Wasted‘s your best bet.

When it comes to funky art prints/frames, coasters and bar accessories, we trust our good ol’ friend PropShop 24. If you have a good budget to run with, The Wishing Chair  is worth checking out, too.


We’re nice people, so we’re ensuring that you have all your bases covered from Point A to Point B. How? Well, these three movers and packers will help you pack, ship and deliver all your precious furniture and appliances safe and sound.

For everything from electrical fixtures and plumbing to carpentry services and landscaping issues, call these maintenance heros. 

And once your home’s fully set up, avail Broomberg and UClean’s services to ensure that your house is actually party-ready. Psst… these guys deliver cocktail premixes home.