#LBBPicks: All The Edibles We Order Through The Week

Akshita posted on 26 August

We at LBB agree that good food makes us more efficient at work {a nice walk or a cuppa keeps us awake of course}. Our HQ recently shifted to East of Kailash and we’ve already scoured the area for food which we can’t resist.

Here’s a list of places that deliver some amazing food while we go about the daily grind.

Monday Motivation

Salad Days

When counting calories at work {though this happens rarely}, this one tops our list. Their menu includes a beautiful range of fruit salads with candied walnuts, pasta salad bowls, and traditional non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. They tell us they grow their veggies themselves, and we’re happy to report they arrive fresh at our desks.

What To Order: Asian Noodle Salad, Earth Song Iced Tea, Wild Berries Smoothie

Mid-Week Cravings

Bengal Sweet Center

An all rounder at satisfying taste buds, this one is one of our all-time favorites. Their portions are satisfying and completely worth every rupee.

What To Order: Chola Bhatura, Pav Bhaji, Paneer Pakoras, Jaljeera

Fast Food Restaurants

G-19, Main Market, South Extension 1, New Delhi

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Big Wong XL

Quick Chinese {authentic desi mix} packed and delivered to perfection, anyone? We find their food goes well with a bottle of Thums Up.

What To Order: Thai Basil Chilli Garlic Rice, Hot Garlic Chicken , Exotic Vegetables In Black Bean Sauce

Casual Dining

Epicuria Mall, Lower Ground Floor, FC-14, Nehru place, New Delhi

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Snack Time

The Crunch Box

Our all time favorite go to snack is fresh-flavoured popcorn from Crunchbox. The newest kid on the delivery block, this one is what keeps us going through the day.

What To Order: Chunky Munky Cheese, Warm Caramel Crunch

Hot Paprika

Midday hunger pangs are best cured by this Chinjabi joint right around our office. They are best known for their momos {both steamed and fried}. We love them because their quantities are overwhelming and the prices are low, though beware of the spice level {which they’re happy to customise, as well}.

What To Order: Tandoori Non Veg Momo, Veg Spring Rolls, Non Veg Fried Momo

Fast Food Restaurants

D-9, DDA Market, Opp. Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi



Pizza, of course! And nothing beats Instapizza’s Monster Deep Dish when you’re craving some carbs, cheese and meat. Make it a party by pairing this with a pint of chilled beer.

What To Order: Galleria Special, Farmer’s M`arket, Garlic Twists With Asian Garlic Dip , Monster Deep Dish

Continental Dhaba

When craving the typical butter chicken and dal makhni meal, our neighbourhood bestie comes to the rescue. Well known for their rolls , this place is reserved for our “Celebration Fridays”. Continental Dhaba is ideal for when you need to feast out without burning holes in your pocket.

What To Order: Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Paneer Roll, Mutton Seekh Roll

Delivery Services

HS-6 A, Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

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