5 Portals That You Must Check Out Now To Learn A New Language For Free!

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Wondering what to do in the trying times of Covid-19? Let’s make the most of staying at home and UPSKILL! Master a new language (or two) that you’ve been meaning to learn- for free with these amazing websites. 


This app should be your best friend when it comes to learning a new language! Read, write, listen and speak any language you want. The interactive approach and fun tests after each topic ensure a comprehensive learning experience. The games and rewards are so enjoyable, they make the entire process seem like a piece of cake!


Our list would’ve been incomplete without this solid one. OpenCulture offers hundreds of audiobooks, e-books and lessons to make your quest for becoming multilingual in 3 weeks- easily attainable and promises a rather wholesome experience to the user. Learn 48+ languages for free, this couldn’t get better!


Courses designed by native linguists- the content is fun, and Memrise makes the entire process of learning a new language thoroughly enjoyable. As opposed to textbook learning, Memrise offers easy lessons and practice with game models that help boost recall and memory. 


Already in the pursuit of learning a foreign language but need to get better at it? Install the extension of Readlang and read the text in that language on any website. Wherever you think you don’t know the word, it translates the word/phrase for you and saves them all in the form of flashcards that you can revisit later.


From a plethora of languages to choose from, edX has over 20+ language courses. So, whether you want to improve basic business conversational skills in a foreign language or learn it from scratch, you can literally have it ALL.