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Original Indian Table for a Traditional Food Experience

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Original Indian Table brings curated boxes full of authentic, traditional and directly-sourced ingredients to customers looking for healthier, local alternatives.

Straight from the source

We know, we know. Everyone’s jumping on the ‘healthy’ bandwagon, and the word ‘organic’ is thrown around like candy on Valentine’s day. But the Original Indian Table boxes full of locally-sourced ingredients genuinely had us sit up and take notice.

We met with the founders, Ishira Mehta and Puneet Jhajaria, to learn about this new venture, and our minds were blown when we learned how much effort and care goes in to choosing each ingredient in each box. They share a common love for agriculture, evident in their agribusiness company that has been trying to connect farmers to markets directly, eliminating the need for a middleman.

These boxes aim to take that a step further.

What’s in the box?

You’ll find some amazing local ingredients like plum chutney from Kumaon, walnuts from the Himalayas, naturally-grown jhakhya and gandrayani, white munsiari rajmafrom Uttarakhand, and our personal favourite, the Himalayan garlic rock salt. Each box comes with a brochure telling you exactly why each ingredient has been chosen, where it’s from, why it is good for you, and most importantly, how you can eat it!

They’re about to launch two new boxes, Colours of India {Holi special} and Sugar Control {a diabetes-friendly box}. The Holi special box contains precious packets of black sesame bites, Himalayan haldi {way healthier than what you get in packets here}, bamboo rice, and rhododendron vinaigrette.

The Sugar Control has some hidden gems too; think jamun seed powder, nettle tea and dried apricots, among other interesting things.

Good to know

Over the last two years, Puneet and Ishira have travelled over 70,000 kilometres across 20 states, building contacts with farmers. They promise authentic, directly-sourced ingredients, and that’s exactly what you get.

Missed out on a box? No worries, you can buy products from their previous boxes on their website.


You need to pre-order each box 10 days in advance, and these are available for a limited time only, so get cracking!

Contact: +91 9971177819, +91 9870254999, or write to

Price: INR 949 for Colours of India; INR 749 for Sugar Control; ingredients on the website start at INR 65

Find out more about Original Indian Table, and buy their products here.