Oxygym In GK II Opens At 5.30AM & Has Free Wi-Fi



    A favourite for many living in the area, Oxygym in GK2 offers a host of services, at prices that are super value for money.

    What Do They Offer?

    Well, you’ve got your basic floor training, weight lifting, cardio {treadmills et al}, alongside diet counselling {they have dieticians}, yoga, aerobics, group classes and personal training. The best part? They have free frikkin Wi-Fi so all those gym selfies can go straight to Instagram, no problem.

    There’s also a steam room, a spa, changing rooms and lockers btw.

    Value For Money

    They offer all this at an unbelievable INR 2,000 per month. Now, if that isn’t value for money, what is? Personal training may cost a little extra of course, but really, all we can say is: Now you really have no excuses, amirite?


    They open at 5.30am, so you can get started nice and early.