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Do Your Bit For The Environment With These Amazing Flowercyled Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Phool is an exciting new startup that has found a sustainable solution to the ‘temple-waste’ problem through its patented Flowercycling technology. Too technical? Allow us to elaborate.

The people at Phool collect floral-waste from temples and mosques, recycle it into incense, vermicompost and biodegradable packaging material with the help of women 'flowercyclers', sell these products to the market and in the process save almost 8 tons of floral waste from being dumped in the Ganges on a daily basis. Crazy, right? It’s the perfect example of a circular economy model that is sustainable, generates stable employment for women (73 full-time women employees), and stops at least one source of pollutants from entering and destroying the river.

You can buy incense sticks and cones in around 13 different varieties from here. From Indian rose to jasmine, orange and loban, Phool has some pretty interesting scents on offer. They also have a detailed guide to help you pick out the scent of your liking.

A pack of 40 incense cones (inclusive of a clay incense holder) and incense sticks (inclusive of a wooden stand) will cost you INR 145 and INR 165, respectively. And did we mention the colourful packaging they send it in? It had us reaching for the camera for sure.

Budding gardeners can pick up the vermicompost from Phool. It's made organically, the neem extracts help in warding off pests and a pack of 1kg will cost you INR 105.

What Could Be Better?

We really wish they had offline stores (or perhaps, would tie up with on-ground businesses), so buying their products would become a lot easier. Plus, we can exactly smell the fragrances before buying. 


Explore Phool’s website to understand the flowercycling process and the impact it has had. Also, take a look at their innovations like florafoam (alternative to thermocol) and the upcoming alternative to vegan leather, made from flower waste.