Reach Your Fitness Goals With Adidas Runners

What Makes It Awesome?

Adidas Runners is a global community for Runners. A running movement led by community coaches that help you improve as an athlete: in movement, nutrition, mindset, gear and recovery. The captain and coaches are very knowledgeable and listen to your problems and let you know the solution. They are super supportive and encourage you during your fitness journey. In Delhi the group is called AR-Delhi or Adidas Runners Delhi. The group conducts various training sessions in a week for runners of all levels. These sessions are uploaded on the FB page of respective running group. Adidas connects like-minded runners around the world in more than 50 cities on every continent. In India the group is active in three cities Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai. The best part is that you can join any group in the world and continue your training even when you are travelling.(for Free) Trackable progress with a level system that rewards recurring participation and supports your sustaintable and effective transformation. You are rewarded with a Adidas runners T-shirt, which cannot be bought and can only be earned. Hydration support is provided by Adidas in most of the sessions. The sessions include Speed work, Yoga, Long runs and Interval training. So get up and start your fitness journey today.

What Could Be Better?

Usually, the sessions happen in central Delhi, which makes it hard for people living far but they are extending now and other chapters in Delhi NCR is on the cards

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae