Doing Up Your Room? These Decor Accents Are Just What You Need


    Your room is your sanctuary. No matter how many hours you spend working outside, you'll eventually have to come back to your room. The way you doll up your room, is a reflection of your choices, your interests, and your passions. And if you're currently on a mission to beautify your bedroom, we may have a few products for you, that'll blend in just perfectly. So read on, and create your cozy space now! 

    Lights Will Guide You..To Your Room

    Handmade LED String Lights - Lilac Rose


    Fairy light are an instant mood lifter. No matter what your mood's like, when you enter a room that's beautifully decked up with fairy lights, know that you're in a positive space. Samoolam is a great brand for floral LED fairy lights. Get yourself this lilac rose one, or maybe an orange petal or a pink rose with hearts on them. 

    P.S: They're also battery-operated. 

    Sit Cozy

    Upcycled Foot Stools in yellow

    How about a tiny foot stool in one corner of the room, where you can sit and read a book, or grab a cup of hot chocolate? This upcycled yellow stool from Reimagined is super cute. You can also sit on the floor and use the stool as a low-lying table instead, to make some art, or do some journaling. This one's a bit pricey but real wood costs money. 

    Keep Bad Dreams At Bay With Dreamcatchers

    Set of 5 Mini Printed Dream Catcher


    It is believed that having a dreamcatcher in your room enables good sleep, keeps bad dreams away, and well it also makes your room look super cute. So give some life to your walls with some dreamcatchers from The Tassle Life. These mini dreamcatchers come in a set of five and have florals plus ethnic patterns on its body. 

    Declutter The Mess

    Stack-able Square Basket


    We all know how difficult it becomes to clean the clutter at times, when you enter your room after a hectic day of work. For those days, rely on smart storages and organizers to declutter the mess. We've been obsessed with Mianzi for its lovely storage baskets and the bamboo finish they have. Store your jewellery, books, accessories and so much more inside these stackable square baskets. 

    Plant Some Greens

    Ceramic Planter With Cup Shaped Metal Stand


    It may be a great idea to keep a tiny plant inside your room. For that, buy a stylish planter and keep it in one corner of the room. If you have a box window, place it there instead. The Yellow Pumpkin makes a lot of ceramic planters in varied shapes and sizes, We love this one as it comes with a cute cup-shaped metal stand. 

    Frame Your Favourite Tune

    Spotify Customized Photo & Music Frame


    What's even a room without a photo frame? Now while you're purchasing one, skip the mundane designs and invest on this Spotify-themed frame from IMI Studios. The best part about this frame (apart from it being super quirky) is that you can get your photo and your favorite tune customized on it. 

    Keep A Track Of Time

    Handcrafted Jeep LED Wall Clock


    And while you're at it, buy this quirky jeep watch from Fufuh. This piece serves two purposes- that of a clock, and then of a showpiece too. Plus, this one's an LED watch and also glows in the dark. Aur kya chahiye? 

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Holly Mirror Jute


    A room's incomplete without a classic mirror. And if you want one that doesn't occupy too much space, buy this round wall mirror from N Square Studio that has a jute strap on the side. It's chic and stylish, just like you!