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Safomasi Prints Find A New Home At Iqrup+Ritz

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    Pushkar’s famed camels and origami from Japan {among Safomasi’s most popular prints} are now available as upholstery at Gurgaon’s furniture studio, Iqrup+Ritz.

    About Iqrup+Ritz

    You never know where and when you’ll find posh, in hidden corners of Gurgaon. A talented mother-daughter duo run Iqrup+Ritz, a gorgeous furniture studio, out of an unsuspecting corner in Udyog Vihar, where limited but gorgeous statement pieces keep the philosophy of ‘handcrafted’ alive. Materials are sourced very selectively, which is why we’re not surprised they’ve partnered with Safomasi.

    Adding in some Safomasi fun

    We’ve loved Safomasi’s collections so much over the last couple of years that we wish we could have more of their stuff all over our homes. Well, if wishes were camels, now they ride. Their bestselling prints have been slightly modified to match the Iqrup+Ritz collections, and are now available as upholstery fabrics for armchairs and couches, done in classic styles.

    But what about cushions?

    Because, of course, what’s home décor without them easy-to-buy cushion covers? Yes, the prints come ready-stitched as cushion covers too.

    Contact: Safomasi at +91-41600863, and Iqrup and Ritz at +91-9599110672

    For more information: Click here

    Prices: 18” x 18” cushion covers at INR 2,150. Single chairs at INR 46,975 – 53,975

      Available Online