Old Saris Into Quilts & Tyres Into Stools: Upcycling Is What These Folks Do Best


    What Makes It Awesome

    ScrapShala is a Varanasi-based online start-up that upcycles everything from discarded wood, liquor bottles and scrap fabric to flat tyres and even cassette holders. The best part? They can even transform your old saris and distressed furniture into something beautiful (if you ship it over to them).

    Started in 2016 by Shikha Shah, ScrapShala’s main aim is to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle. In this mission, they’ve re-purposed more than 12,000–13,000 kgs of non-biodegradable waste into stunning decor and utility items. With a team of 15 artisans and a few interns, Shikha’s venture offers handmade products that are at least 50% scrap. 

    They’ve got plastic bottle planters in bright colours, tyre stools, and their tin luggage case is one of our favourites. We’re also loving their Weekend Asana key holder (on Flipkart), and ikat-obsessed folks (like us) would want to order their key-holder (made with discarded forks) right away. Also, who knew cassette cases could make for such could be turned into visiting card holders? 

    Recently, ScrapShala has also taken up numerous projects of redecorating cafes, providing vertical gardening services, and they can even re-purpose your old saris and chests (that are too personal to be thrown away) into something beautiful. However, you’ll have to ship your items across to Varanasi, and they’ll send it back looking all pretty and nice. 

    Price: Home decor starting at INR 185 and garden decor at INR 455.


    ScrapShala deliver across India click on Enquire Now to place direct orders with the brand.