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Here's The Ultimate Checklist To Set Up Your Home For A House Party

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Gone are the days when we would willingly bar-hop our way into the weekends, all decked up and pumped. Now, all we want to do is stay in, invite our closest of friends over and make memories of a lifetime in our own homes. So, we're going to help you do exactly that — set up your home for a snug house party. Whether it's for your friends, colleagues, or family, here are some basics to get started. Let's call it a hack into becoming a great host, shall we?

Let's go!

Step 1: Ensure Space And Seating

French Pouffe - Grey Garden

French Pouffe - Grey Garden


The number one thing you need to work out on is if there's enough space for people to move freely and also ensure there's enough sitting. You can get creative with your furniture, move it around to see how you can get the most use out of it and what sort of arrangement lets you have the maximum space. Add small furniture like pouffes, ottomans, stools. Floor cushions like this one are also great options that don’t really take up much space and can be easily stored when not in use. Small tables are another must, like this one. 

Brands To Check Out: Nestroots, Riance Creations, House of Aarna, The House of Trendz, The Rug Republic, Casagold

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Step 2: Make Your Space Lit

Fairy Copper Lights 5M Waterproof Warm White

Fairy Copper Lights 5M Waterproof Warm White


It's very important to make your space "lit", both literally and figuratively. You'll need dim, yellow lighting for your tablesceiling, or walls.. not too bright but enough to illuminate the room and make it feel cozy. We're really loving the rustic vibe of this wooden Dome Pendant Light

For those of you on a budget, these string lights are economical and come in plenty of different designs. We're stuck on these LED String Lights with orange petals and hearts.

Brands To Check OutGlimmer LightingsStudio Indigene (for table lamps), OorjaaDeconFos Lighting, The Glow Story (for neon lights)

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Step 3: Get The Fragrance In Check

Celeste French Lavender Ceramic Vapourizer, 2 Tealights & 5ml Oil

Celeste French Lavender Ceramic Vapourizer, 2 Tealights & 5ml Oil


Just like lighting, house fragrance is equally important to set the right mood and create a great experience. Say, a signature scent for your home which could be warm, compelling, refreshing or however else you like it. Now, you could either get scented candles or diffusers. We'd suggest getting 'em both. Mineral Project's Desert Rose Scented Candle is warm, sweet and soothing, and most definitely a deal. Another way of delivering pleasant scents throughout your house is by using oil and reed diffusers. And Wisdom has a bunch of interesting options.

Brands To Check OutRad Living, Joyous Beam CandlesDoft CandlesAura Decor, The Mineral ProjectEkam

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Step 4: Add Some Functional Serveware

 Handmade Komal Chip & Dip Platter - 11 Inches

Handmade Komal Chip & Dip Platter - 11 Inches


Let's move on to some fancy tableware, shall we? You need to be well equipped with traysplattersglassescoastersplates, all kinds of plates, bowls and other kinds of serveware for your house party. Because let's be honest, you need to feed your guests well. Starting with something unbreakable and eco-friendly, these Snack Plates are made out of wheat straw, AND they are microwave and dishwasher safe or this floral pattern bowl that's made out of mango wood. If you're worried that your not-so-sober friends are going to spoil your fancy bowls, get these sturdy bamboo bowls from Bamboopecker in six funky shades. 

Brands To Check OutCraytonTa.DaThe Pitara ProjectCrok Chok, and Able India for coasters

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Step 5: Get Those SNACKS!

Masala Matar - 250gm

Masala Matar - 250gm


Now that you have your serveware in order, how about we start filling it up with something yummy? There's a bunch of things you can go for, Chips from To Be Honest for those calorie-conscious friends; roasted namkeen for those who can't do without some chakhna; DIY Popcorns for... well everyone; mini cookies for when you want to enjoy that sugar rush and munchies for the when the drunk people start feeling uncontrollably hungry again.

Brands To Check OutThe Green Snack Co.Mr MakhanaPopcorn & Co.Ritebite Max ProteinNutripanda

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Step 6: Have A Dedicated Bar Station!

Smoked Pineapple & Basil Margarita Cocktail Mixer - 240ml (Makes 4-5 Drinks)

Smoked Pineapple & Basil Margarita Cocktail Mixer - 240ml (Makes 4-5 Drinks)


There is no house party without drinks and by that, we mean the non-alcoholic ones as well. But because of our allegiance towards alcohol, we'd like to begin with this brilliant Whiskey Sour Pitcher Pack cocktail mixer by &Stirred that surely won't disappoint. Another great steal is Jimmy's Cocktails' Party Pack which consists of four cocktail mixers namely, Cosmopolitan, SOB, Mango Chilli Mojito ,and Whiskey Sour, along with some handy bar tools.

It's now an established fact that Kombuchas make for great cocktail mixers and if you didn't know that, let us introduce the Trial Pack from Borecha that'll help you get started. It's got a combination of flavours including mango, orange, guava chilli, and more. Bab Louise's Aromatic Spiced Bitters is another game-changing cocktail mix that we'd definitely recommend buying. And while we're on the topic of premixes you need to check out the awesome variety Bartisans has to offer. Invest in an ice bucket and some bar tools too. End the night with some after-party coffee and you're done. 

Brands To Check OutBartisans, Jimmy's Cocktails& StirredGunsbergFlying KombuchaSleepy OwlThe Mean Bean Co., Bab Louie & Co. 

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Step 7: Prep Your Bathroom

Multicolor Floral Handpainted Bathroom Set

Multicolor Floral Handpainted Bathroom Set


The most important room, the bathroom needs to be maintained well. No one likes entering only to find the toilet roll is finished or worse, be greeted with unflattering odour. Make sure you have enough supplies (and extras) to last your party. To go the extra mile, add a diffuser, potpourri or wax tablets to ensure it smells nice all the time. Organise a set of white towels and display it neatly in a basket for easy access. All of this should do the trick.

Brands To Check Out: Shresmo, Spread Home, Kopou (for organiser baskets)


The kind of music you choose to play at your house party speaks a lot about you. So, you gotta make sure that your music is catering to all your guests. Keep it a nice mix of different genres, both new and old songs and you'll be good to go. Here's a guide to the best Spotify playlists that you can save. Games are another no-brainer, we recently discovered Dring — the ultimate drinking game, made according to the Indian cultural context so it's actually fun to play with friends.

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