Stadium Guide: 5 Places That Let You Pay And Play Sports Whenever You Want

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While we may be inclined towards getting fit by playing some of the sports we absolutely love, we may not know exactly where to do it. When you’re choosing a stadium to play and practice sports, you need to keep a lot of things in mind; from the facilities available to the cost factor. Moreover, a lot of us would like to pay on a per-day basis because of our busy work schedules {and knowing that we’re too lazy for a commitment that would last a couple of months}. So, we made you this list to make that decision easier.

1. DDA Squash & Badminton Stadium

Built during the Commonwealth Games, this DDA Squash & Badminton stadium is perfect for people that want to practice their skills at both the sports. The facilities are great, and so are the prices. Squash, priced at INR 3,750 per month and badminton at INR 2,500 are both sports that really help you keep fit, and are also fun. In addition, you’re going to have the facility of some super-experienced professionals guiding you. However, if you’re not looking at a month-long commitment or coaching, you can also have access to the courts on a per-day basis for a nominal charge. Check out this site to book your spot.

2. Qutab Golf Course

The first public golf course developed in the country, this golf course also offers training facilities now. All in all, a good bet for beginners. The pay-and-play facility is available here year-round, and all the facilities you will find here are worth the price. The green fee {which is one round of golf consisting of 18 holes} comes at INR 300 on weekdays and INR 600 on weekends. To know more about, click here.

3. Tricky Taka

A facility dedicated solely to football, Tricky Taka is one of the first centres to offer state-of-the-art astro turf and artificial grass pitches. With 5-a-side fields and iron cages for cage football {which is always exhilarating} they are a solid bet if you can only rustle up a small group to play. They also host mini-football tournaments, where they charge entry fees per team, as well as a payout for winners and runner-ups. Their rates are by the hour.

4. Pashchim Vihar Sports Complex

This one is a treat for the West Delhi peeps because it has some great facilities, especially in terms of tennis. For those who’d like to catch up on their tennis skills, invite your tennis buddy to this place. They charge INR 300 per court per hour.

5. Dwarka Sports Complex

If you and the squad have been looking forward to playing cricket on a real cricket ground to get ‘professional-feeling’ experience, this place is where your search ends. With prior booking, you can have the main pitch to yourself for a whole day at just INR 2,500 {INR 2,000 on weekdays}.