Starting At INR 800 A Month: This Dwarka Library Has Comfy Beanbags & Hosts Match Screenings

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Guests at home making it impossible for you to work/study? Ingenious library in Dwarka will offer the perfect space for you to concentrate on work at an all-inclusive economical charge of INR 700 per month{for four hours}. They’ve got free Wi-Fi, tea/coffee machines and many more amenities we’re telling you all about.

What Makes It Awesome

The Ingenious Library offers all the amenities including personal/group workstations, stationery, water, tea & coffee, printing and locker facility, so you can study, work on projects or finally get down to writing that novel maybe. If you’re someone who is preparing for competitive exams, Ingenious could really help. They conduct personality development workshops and mock interviews, stock the latest magazines and newspapers and can even put you in touch with the peeps at Bookish Santa in case there’s a guide you can’t find in the market. You might also meet others who’re preparing for the these exams and who knows, group study could do wonders.

Because the peeps at Ingenious know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they also organise free events like match screenings, karaoke nights, skill-development workshops. The kind of cool events they host and the fact that they’re open from 6 AM to 11 PM are some more reasons why you should sign yourself up for a monthly plan with them.

Charges for library:  Starting at INR 700 per month for four hours and go up to INR 1500 for the entire day.

What Could Be Better

We feel that it would be great if they would host their events more often!