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Take A Peak: Tenzing Norgay Museum At The Indian Mountaineering Foundation

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IMF is not only a rock climber’s hideout, but contains a really quaint museum inside: The Tenzing Norgay Museum, which is a quarry of pictures and painted walls.

Get A Grip

There are a number of sections within the museum, and each holds something different. You’ll find wall art of mountains, routes and maps, as well as trophies and awards won by various IMF members. At the second tier of the museum you’ll find life-sized mountaineer dummies, and all the equipment used in mountaineering expeditions.

Forever Everest

The very first Everest expedition, and the many others since, have a special place here. Look out for beautiful pictures from long ago, of snow and of people well-known, and take pleasure in their detailed dioramas. The various facets of the Himalaya have been depicted in the art here as well as the surveys, and histories of the hills {which have been carefully preserved}. This is a hidden gem that few know about and we can tell you that we take immense pleasure in the stories of forgotten heroes and the development of mountaineering in India.

Clocking Rocks

The focus of the museum is clearly on the Himalayas, and includes prominent sections on maps of the Himalayan states of India, with a unique professional section on panorama, maps and climbing and trekking routes. You might not find it as extensive as the other museums in the city but it’s well worth the visit, we promise {and…it’s free}. IMF has been organising many expeditions and workshops since then and has a pretty flourishing rock climbing community, so you might want to check that out as well. Where: Indian Mountaineering Foundation, 6, Benito Juarez Road Timings: 11am – 5pm Check out their website here. Photos: Kasturi Roy/LBB