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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community, on Queer Made. 

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower entrepreneurial voices, and we’ve come across some unique businesses which you can discover, shop and learn from! This curation aims to create more awareness about topics ranging from new age tattoos to sexual pleasure products that have been tried and tested by the founders. Read on to know more.

Box Juice Tattoos - Amiya

If you’re looking to get a tattoo then look no further than Box Juice Tattoos, in Mumbai. Started by Amiya Bhanushali, a queer and non-binary visual artist, the place does budget-friendly, permanent, hand-poked tattoos. Their belief is that you should get any tattoo you want, silly or with a deep meaning, as long as it’s something that represents you. Whether you want a 420 inspired design such as bongs or even an azulejo design, Amiya can make anything under the sun. Go on, get inked.  

Ishana Aggarwal

Introducing Ishana Aggarwal, a graphic designer based in Mumbai with a background in illustration, and a passion to experiment. Whether it is tattooing, trying out funky makeup looks or animating music videos, she is constantly experimenting with her work with a strong sense of self expression. She’s done 45+ tattoos and is always attracted to unique and funky designs. Contact her for a tattoo design that is authentic to your personality! 

Sangya Project - Tanisha

Sangya Project

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In India, sex is still a taboo and pleasure products tend to exist under the radar. Wanting to change this belief, Tanisha and Aashish founded Sangya Project. From vibrators to vibrating rings to plugs, these sexual lifestyle products are aimed to take your solo play or partnered play to the next level. All the products are tried and tested by the founders so you can be sure of their functionality. What’s more, Tanisha and Aashish also chat with customers to help them understand the products and usage. The goal of Sangya Project is to reconstruct common perceptions of sex and sexuality so every voice can have a platform. Head over to their page where no conversation is off limits. 

Subculture - Randhir


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Randhir Singh, a fashion and visual designer, wants to change the notion of BDSM with Subculture - the first of its kind brand in Jaipur to bring leather body harnesses with utility to India. It blends leather fetish fashion gear and Indian craftsmanship, contemporary design and detail to help you celebrate romance, erotism and all forms of love. Their first trans-sectional collection was launched in February 2021 so stay tuned because there will be more to come.