Moving Into An Unfurnished Space? Save All That Money & Rent Furniture From Here


Moving into an unfurnished space can be quite a task for it means you have to get everything on your own. But for us millennials who are always moving and are short on cash, it’s illogical to be furnishing a house. Hence, Fabrento steps in to help.

Great Furniture With Zero Responsibility

The thing with buying furniture is that you have to be responsible for it. From a tiny side table to a king-sized bed, everything becomes your responsibility. But millennials keep moving from one city to another for work and no one has the kind of upfront cash that is needed to invest in ‘good’ furniture. Hence, renting from Fabrento isn’t just practical but also a great way to furnish your apartment with classy furniture.

Their basic bedroom packages {bed + mattress + side table} start at just INR 699 per month. They also have sofa sets, tables, dining sets, TV stands and even study tables on rent. The prices are all affordable and you only need to put in a tiny amount of deposit when you rent.

So, We're Saying...

If you want to turn your flat into a home without spending too much or taking responsibility, log on to Fabrento for some amazing deals that will make staying away from your flat difficult.