5 Visionary Artists to Watch Out for

    Visionary/psychedelic art is all about the different layers of consciousness and awareness, and often focusses on mythical creatures or sacred geometry; basically whatever the artist visualises in his/her head {or what he/she perceives from his ‘third eye’}. Want to know more about this genre? Trip out on these artists and their masterpieces.

    Alex Grey

    Alex Grey

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    One of the most prominent names in Visionary Art, Alex Grey was always fascinated by life and death and as a child would collect dead insects and animals and bury them. Death and transcendence thus are frequently found as themes in his art-work. His Graphic Designer father gave him all the creative encouragement he needed, but what really put him on the map was his series of life-sized paintings called the Sacred Mirrors. Grey is on a constant path of discovery between the body, mind and soul via his art.

    Amanda Sage

    For the 37 year old, art is about personal and spiritual growth. She likes painting messages and visions that have something to say about the past and the present, tying the ancient to the current. Her work features chakras and faces, and has a predominance of blue and yellow.

    Luke Brown

    Spiritual experiences, dreams and travels are what drive Luke Brown aka Spectral Eyes to create tangible versions of his thoughts. His art, a combination of digital and painting mediums, is usually a representation of the human form, but in a completely other-worldly, ethereal light. He also jots down his art in the form of tattoos.

    Pablo Amaringo

    Pablo Amaringo was perhaps one of the earliest-known visionary artists, made famous by his super colourful and intricate depictions of the visions he had. His art captures, in minute detail, figures and religion. His work has been prominently shown in the documentary Ayahusca Nature’s Gift, which is part of a series dealing with shamanism, wisdom, consciousness and the medicinal plant Ayahusca.

    David Normal

    There is absolutely nothing normal about David Normal’s art. Having started his career making punk flyers, Normal has come a long way. After his travels to South East Asia, where he witnessed trance and spirit possession ceremonies, he took to making films and oil paintings. His art is interspersed with animation and often presents a quirky picture, with layers of non-quirky undertones of course.