This Cafe In Jubilee Hills Is All About A Lovely Outdoor Space & Great Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing like a quaint outdoor cafe to brighten up our day, isn't it? Beans & Brie Bistro is one of those cafes that's beautiful during the day and even night. Tucked away on Road No. 34, Jubilee Hills, this cafe's outdoors feature plenty of greens. As Instagram-worthy as it looks, wait for the sunset hour because the whole place comes alive with lights. The indoors are quite basic, though — so, ditch them and grab a seat near the plants. Psst. you can also work out of here. 

Two things we love the most here: Cà Phê Dá — a Vietnamese Cold Coffee that's strong, dark, and refreshing, and Cafe Noir (hot black coffee with cinnamon or cardamom). We love the one with cinnamon because it adds a natural sweetness to the coffee. Apart from these two, Beans & Brie's beverages menu is quite vast. Prefer healthy drinks? They pack a punch of goodness with their Protein Shake, fresh juices, and probiotic shakes. 

Comfort food has a special place in our heart, and the Mac & Cheese at B&B is a dish that we can keep going back for. The cheese is mixed with saffron and bread crumbs — we love that it adds a certain texture to the dish. If you're in the mood for pizza, we recommend Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza and Pizza Napoletana. Honestly, both the pizzas take the cake for great sauces. The Napoletana will leave you licking your fingers. No, really! But if you're only looking for finger-sized dishes, go for tarts (Spinach & Corn, anyone), Mini Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce, or Cheese Topped Potato Wedges. This cafe is also known for its soups and salads, but we thought they were quite mediocre. It could be one of those off-days but if you find them great, let us know. So, we can go back and devour them goodness! 


Expect some unfriendly guests (aka mosquitoes) as the outdoor space is full of plants. We recommend dabbing on some mosquito repellant before stepping in.