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Kaju Pulao To Fried Chicken Pulao: Where To Eat Authentic Andhra Pulaos

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We're not here to start biryani versus pulao wars, folks. Geez, give us a break. While we all do love biryani (duh, we're from Hyderabad), we also extend that love for its spicier cousin — the pulao. And honestly, isn't it a comfort dish that we can rely on? With so many varieties, meat or vegetables, and spices going into it, that's what we crave some noons. Besides, every restaurant has its own way of whipping a pulao, so we get to gobble down quite a few variants, isn't it? 

On that note, here's a list of restaurants that make great pulao. Go, eat, and have a soda along! 

Vivaha Bhojanambu

Vivaha Bhojanambu in Jubilee Hills offers 15 types of pulao and we're honestly wondering how often we can visit this restaurant. Like any South Indian restaurant, this one gets quite noisy during the lunch hours but the food is served at your table without a snag. Three dishes you must absolutely try here: Avakaya Kodi Pulao, Kheema Vepudu Pulao, and Vankaya Pulao. Expect a burst of flavours and we absolutely love how aromatic this experience is. You can pair your pulao with Gongura Kodi Pulusu, and end your meal with Mulberry Rabri or Rajahmundry Rose Milk (so good).

Must-eat: Avakaya Kodi Pulao, Kheema Vepudu Pulao, and Vankaya Pulao

Platform 65

Platform 65 in Kukatpally is one of the most fun restaurants we've been to. Because food is ushered in on tiny trains; every table and its adjoining area has train tracks to serve up great food. When you are done showering all your attention to those tracks and trains, browse the menu. With 16 types of pulao, we doubt you'll look at anything else on the menu. While our personal favourites are Mushroom Pulao (god, we're missing those tender button mushrooms), and Pachi Mirchi Kodi Pulao (super spicy), dishes like Fish Pulao and Prawns Pulao come with high recommendations from our friends. Don't forget to end your meal with a Seetaphal Rabdi.

Must-eat: Mushroom Pulao, Pachi Mirchi Kodi Pulao, Allam Kodi Wings Pulao, Prawns Pulao

Mr. Pulao

Talking about accessibility, Mr. Pulao has more than five outlets in Hyderabad. And when the place has pulao in its name, it's sure to serve quite a number of pulaos, right? Yup, they've got 26 types of pulao and whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there's plenty for you to tuck into. Mr. Pulao's Gutti Vankaya Pulao and Chicken Fry Pulao are crowd favourites. If you don't mind the extra spice, go for the Miryala Chicken Pulao and Pachimirchi Pulao. Their Mastani Pulao is great because it has egg, chicken, and so much flavour. They also serve up authentic Andhra starters too — Bheemavaram Kodi Vepudu, anyone? 

Must-eat: Mastani Pulao, Gutti Vankaya Pulao, Chicken Fry Pulao

Santosh Dhaba

Santosh Dhaba has sneaked into this list and for a reason. With more than 15 outlets across Hyderabad, Santosh Dhaba's Kaju Pulao doesn't make you sad for eating an all-vegetarian affair. Tossed with lots of cashew nuts, this pulao is comfort food in a bowl. If you love paneer, there's paneer pulao too although we're not huge fans of this dish. While ordering Kaju Pulao, make sure to order Chilly Mushroom or Paneer Narmada as they go well with it.

Must-eat: Kaju Pulao

The Spicy Venue

The thing about The Spicy Venue is — you cannot get enough of it. Like ever. Known for its authentic Andhra delicacies, this restaurant in Jubilee Hills cooks up wicked pulaos. Their Chicken Fry Pulao is something we reach out for, whenever we visit The Spicy Venue. Gotta love the chicken fry pieces in this pulao, and if you prefer mutton, they've got Lamb Fry Pulao and Lamb Kheema Pulao. Of course, don't forget to end your meal without Apricot Delight but we know you'll order it, fo sho.

Must-eat: Chicken Fry Pulao, Lamb Kheema Pulao, Prawns Pulao

1980's Military Hotel

Tucked away in Manikonda, 1980's Military Hotel is worth driving down to. For one thing, the ambience is brilliant. With framed posters of Chiranjeevi's old movie posters to framed military uniforms — dining here is fun. But more than that, after you eat here, you'll talk about it for days. We mean it. They serve up authentic military hotel specialities, which means you can expect lots of meat. Oh, goody! Their 1980's Chitti Muthyalu Mutton Matka Pulao and Ghee Kaju Pulao are crowd-favourites. We also recommend trying the Special Chicken Pulao and ending your meal with Rose Milk. 

Must-eat: Chitti Muthyalu Mutton Matka Pulao, Special Chicken Pulao

Kritunga Restaurant

To not mention Kritunga Restaurant in the list of best pulaos would be a criminal act. And one that we'd never want to commit. Spread across the city, while Kritunga has several outlets, we prefer the Punjagutta outlet. Known for its really spicy food, Kritunga loyalists go back to it for Natu Kodi Pulao, Chennur Mutton Pulao. We'd totally recommend pairing these beauties with Gongura Mutton and Andhra Chicken Curry. Walk into food coma, straight! 

Must-eat: King Of Kodi Pulao, Natu Kodi Pulao, Chennur Mutton Pulao

Southern Spice

We were probably in school when we first visited Southern Spice. Located in both Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills, this restaurant's quality is always constant. And that's a score! With 11 types of pulao, Southern Spice's range of pulaos are spicy and loaded with masala. We recommend trying Avakai Kodi Pulao — that flavour of pickle and chicken coming together is heavenly, Ulavacharu Kodi Pulao (a classic) and Keema Pulao. You can pair your dishes with Mutton Rogan Josh and end your meal with Mirchi Halwa (whaaaat!). 

Must-eat: Avakai Kodi Pulao, Ulavacharu Kodi Pulao, Keema Pulao