Premium & Roasted To Order: This 50-Year-Old Local Coffee Brand Is Now Online!

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Fraction 9

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're the "First I drink coffee. Then I do things. Great things," kind of person you know that greatness comes from allowing only the best caffeine there is into your system. And the best is a result of quality control, so you'll love Fraction 9 Coffee, a brand that has been serving its patrons only the best for over 50 years!

They've got a lush 50 acre estate in Chikmagalur where they have been growing and exporting both Arabica and Robusta coffee. Over time, they decided to bring premium coffee online, at accessible pricepoints. On their website, you will find three variants of 100% Arabica coffee: A light Cinnamon Roast with notes of milk chocolate and fruit, medium Breakfast Roast that's more dark chocolatey and nutty, and our favourite -- something that matches the South Indian palate -- the medium to dark Vienna Roast.

The first thing we appreciate about this local brand is the process. Right from growing their coffee to processing, roasting and retailing, they do it all! They also ferment their coffee beans (a step mostly skipped) to enhance fruity notes, and only roast your beans once an order has been received, preserving freshness! Two, since there is no middleman, they can price their speciality coffees 33% lower than what's available on the market, which means any 250gm packs costs between INR 300 to INR 350. Finally, they're online so you can order from any part of the country and have your very own farm to cup, roasted to order coffee!


Fraction 9 Coffee will be introducing mixed blends of Arabica and Robusta to their line soon. Keep an eye out. Hit Enquire Now to place orders with them.