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10 Smart Ways To Do Up That Empty Corner In Your House


    Empty corners tend to stick out like a sore thumb and make an otherwise well-decorated room look out of place. That said, creating a wholesome space can be tricky. Every neglected nook is in fact an opportunity to bring out your creativity in turning it into a useful and inviting spot. Keep reading for ten smart ways in which you can spruce up a dead corner of your home.

    Gallery Wall Art

    Ikka Dukka

    Available Online

    Tried doing everything for that empty corner in your living area but nothing seems to work? You probably haven’t tried the gallery wall display. It’s a myth that you need a large wall for your dream gallery, a corner works just nicely. Create an eye-catching, asymmetric display on the corner walls using these classy gouache paintings  from Ikka-Dukka. Extending a gallery wall into a corner makes the space look more cohesive. For an even more swoon-worthy gallery, pick large metallic paint artworks from Evolve. Or create a fun space with quirky wall art from Krita & Penna.

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    Additional Seating

    Consider creating an extra cozy seating area in the odd corner of your home. You will need a couple of chairs and a small side table for the purpose. Check out this Royal wing chair. The backrest would make the space look more filled up. 

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    Large Planter

    You have a corner window that creates a weird nook no furniture can fill? Enter bold leafy plants to the rescue. The Decor Remedy’s antique gold planters can instantly jazz up any drab corner. Looking for a minimal vibe? The Yellow Pumpkin has simple-looking metal planters in soothing colours that come with a stand. To make sure it's not just your floors getting some love, hang a plant high up on the corner wall. Check out Urbaine Decor’s macrame hanging planters.

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    Floor Lamp


    Available on LBB

    Another great hack for corner decorating is to add a floor lamp. It always works! Arthat has these Bamboo Floor lamps that are practically made for corners. Pair this sleek floor lamp with a cane chair to fill up the corner space and give a very tropical vibe to the room. If you have young kids at home and the idea of a floor lamp doesn’t sound all that feasible, consider adding a fancy pendant light from Codedgami to the corner. Even Oorja has some of the most gorgeous pendant lights (like the large paper flower one) that will ward off all the awkwardness of the corner with its beauty.

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    Cozy Swing


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    Nothing ramps up the fun like a playful touch of a swing in the living room. Kaahira and  Hangit have a range of swings and hammocks made with eco-friendly fabrics you can lounge all day in. It’s the perfect blend of cosy and cool. Be it a Sunday siesta or a rainy day holiday with your favourite book, a corner swing is always a good idea. Also check out CuddlyCoo, if you have little ones at home and want to create a cosy nook for them to sleep in. Apart from fabric swings, CuddlyCoo also has teepee tents that make for a great addition to any corner area.

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    Corner Storage

    Sashaa World

    Available on LBB

    Storage in the corner is an opportunity that you grab as soon as it presents itself. A corner is the perfect place for extra storage pieces. Add a set of three jute baskets from Sashaa World and put all the extra stuff (toys, utilities, umbrellas etc) in it instead of having it lying around your living area. Sirohi By Skilled Samaritan has a stylish Flamingo Box Storage Stand that’s perfect for a right-angled nook. Another amazing hack for an entryway corner is to put up fancy hooks that can be used for hanging grab and go essentials. Topp Brass has ornamental hooks that double up as wall decor when not in use. Check out Spin and Hollyhock for hooks that are anything but an eyesore.

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    Floral Magic

    If you aren’t interested in doing something dramatic or having storage in the corner area, stick to a good ol’ decor hack. Prop up a beautiful vase of flowers on a stool and your corner will come alive instantly. The Sister's Co. has a Persian Blue collectibles you cannot go wrong with. We love Manor House for its sleek metal vases. Don’t forget to add a bunch of artificial orchids from PolliNation to these vases. However, if you really want to up the ante of that naked nook, go for Flhexible’s Paper Honeycomb Vase. Eco-friendly, fully recyclable, light-weight, durable and oh-so-good-looking!

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    Mirrors on The Wall


    Available on LBB

    One thing that makes your space look big and extravagant is a good mirror and multiple mirrors are always better. From artistic hand-crafted mirrors to those geometric ones, it only add vibrance and colour to your space making it look all the more held together. We especially love mirrors from Hollyhock that add an element of Boho in our space while filling it up. The rainbow shaped mirror from Hollyhock is all the Boho vibe we need in our house.

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    Adona Woods

    Available Online

    A great way to fill up your space, add colour and portray your nerdy self is by stacking up books and the best way to do so is by putting it all on a shelf, It makes it all the more accessible for the visitors in your house and like they say, ‘One judges someone's personality by the book s/he reads.’ Wooden bookshelves can be perfect to go in that empty corner of your home to create a cosy reading spot. We especially love this bookshelf cum display unit. You can also use it as a shelf for your planters and magazines if you are not a reader. 

    Shelf For Planters

    The best way to use space and create a more wholesome house is by adding greenery. One can never go wrong with that. Now, if you are Irked by that plain wall right next to your window or your door, we think you need a shelf especially to hold those tiny little succulents that add air into your home. We'd recommend you to get this Cactus Wood Shelf from The Blooming Bagh to add an element of quirk into your home. 

    If space is not the problem but you are struggling with ways to add colour to your space, we've got your sorted. Check out this list to add more colours to your Home.