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Get Drenched At This Newly Opened Feminine Hued Bar & Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome?

The ultimate generality, lacking any specificity, saying 'no' to around the clock commitments have found rooms in our hectic lifestyle, thus adding up a lack of balance. Indeed there is trouble with perfectionism and then the single comforting phrase – “Ishh” comes into play finding its space with other words like “Maybe” “Kinda” “Sorta”.

With the soaring heights of technology, social media etc are you finding it difficult to even fit in a break? Then step into Barishh - the newly opened CAFE & BAR, pouring now at LEVEL 4 SOUTH CITY MALL. And what is it that makes the theme 'feminine'? Its the concoction of the warm colour tones fused with modern life decor, little surprises with unexpected twists, each time you experience it.

Now, coming to its cuisine, the gastronomy is characterized by inspirations from Modern Indian food by incorporating heavily fusion twist by not just for ingredients, but also techniques too, curated by chef @Puranjay Das. The culinary canvas engages on a different dimension in terms of healthy food that has been curved to comfort the soul, energy-packed all day available plates, flavourful salad inspired by Indian Keto diet, healthy twist to Kolkata street snacks that are very impressive.

The MUST TRY dishes from their elaborate platters:


Tomato Rasam - Garlic Rusk -
Sip this tasty tangy piping hot thin soup - the comforting southern style tomato rasam served with crispy garlic rusk.


Avocado Galouti kebab -
The popular mouth-melting snack of Lucknow takes a healthy twist with a vegetarian makeover with spicy avocado, mashed with rich spices. The mellow buttery kebab served on Ulta Tawa tortilla. The garnishings topped on the kebab - tomato salsa, sour cream and avocado puree is very eye-catchy.

Beetroot Chops -
Recreation of a healthier version of Kolkata style vegetable chop. The soft minced beetroot balls mixed with goat cheese and peanut butter gives a distinctive taste.

Something Fishy -
Small bites of flaky steamy bhetki fillet coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried. Served with a hari (green) chutney tartar sauce. So tempting.

Lotus Stem magic Masala -
Crispy fried lotus stem tossed in a spicy, sweet and tangy secret chutney, drizzled with roasted sesame seeds. Lips smacking appetizer with a rich amalgam of aromas.

Buffalo Chicken Wings -
Local American flavours take a desi twist. The combination of crispy tender chicken wings with generously coated with secret chutney. Spicy desi twist to barbecue sauce is just yummy.

Corriander Pesto Bhetki -
A brilliant fusion of Pesto with Indian spices. Very innovative with distinctive taste by using coriander instead of traditional basil leaves and peanuts instead of pinenuts. of all the ingredients can be felt. Love the softness and the moistness of the fish.

Lamb Boti Tacos -
Ready to get a fiery kick to the palate. Must try this. Flavours from Mughal served in Mexican style. Marinated boneless lamb cubes with yoghurt, onions, seasoned with ground mace cooked in thick smooth curry sauce, laced by the warmer, nutty taste of the mace powder, shredded, layered with chutney and served on soft tacos.


Prawn Moilee Khow Suey -
The concoction of recipes from Burma and Kerela. Khow Suey with Moilee base. Tender fresh prawns with egg noodles in thin creamy pale yellow coconut gravy. Leaves a lingering taste in the mouth.

Mushroom Jhaal Suji -
The recreation on the Polenta version. Suji mixed with mustard, curry, red chillis in south Indian breakfast style - savoury Upma. Served with mushroom cooked in coconut milk and served with grated coconut on top.

Bacon and Chorizo Biryani -
A very innovative take on Spanish Chorizo - smoked sausage seasoned with smoked paprika, crispy on the edges and fatty oozy bacon strips mixed with fragrant rice. Served with tandoori egg. This dish is the winner on the BADA PLATE.

If you are tired with your commitments round the clock and can't even wait for the weekend to arrive?

Then get your party shoes ready for weekdays and head to Barishh.

Wonderfully pretty, feminine hued, royal blue backdrop graced by the butterflies landing delicately on their petals for nectar a blend of bold colour and brass accents add the extra glam to the ambience.

Be blown away by the delightful refreshing cocktails coming from mixologists den diligently crafted and spiked with bold flavours to elevate the mood for a peppy evening date.

Must Try -

Beach Please -
A classic refreshing cocktail combines your favourite vodka with coconut syrup, tangy orange and cranberry juice.

Maybe It's Orange -
A gorgeous orange drink comes with a healthy twist - a mix of gin, fresh carrot juice, star anise.

Mystical Whiskey -
Its time to mix some dried herbs with alcohol to give a new and flavorful twist to your favourite cocktail. Whiskey infused with peach, orange juice, rosemary.

Don't miss their signature Gin Infusions. Yes, it's Gin and Tonic - the classic refreshing highball cocktail takes a twist at Barishh. To keep pace with the trend, mixologist Pradeep Negi with his utter passion brings magnificent combinations of fruity floral notes along with herbs and spices from Kolkata ingredients infused with pure Gin and Tonic that is suited for the universal palate. A quick Tour of this bright flavours of Gin Infusions on the rocks - Cucumber & Rose, Orange, Lemon & Grape Fruit, Dates, Gondhoraj are simply the best bud pleasers.

Last but not least, finish up your cocktail party in style by buying a whole bottle of liquor. Just check out, it's a deal with a great steal'.

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