Head To Gourav's Cha Stall In Jadavpur For Milky Tea And Nachiketa Songs On Loop

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A Song With Your Free Cuppa

Being an avid fan of Nachiketa, Gourav Guha decided to dedicate a tea stall to the legendary singer six and a half years back. His stall near Jadavpur 8B bus stand — called {rather imaginatively} “Just For Today Cha O Nachiketa” —has gained a huge fan following in the city because of the jovial environment and because it is all about singer Nachilketa.

He plays his songs throughout the day and has several posters of the artist inside the shop. Some are even pictures of the singer with Gourav himself.

Every year on January 18 {when the stall was started}, Gourav hands out free cha and biscuits to everyone. Apart from that day, a cup of refreshing tea served in a traditional clay cup will cost you just INR 5.

The fellow even has a Facebook page where he posts pictures from time to time. Check it out here.

What Lies Ahead

It hasn’t been all roses for Gourav — he had to move his first tea stall as some people wanted to clear the footpath. After that he came up with the present stalll {a little ahead of Jadavpur 8B bus stand} which was inaugurated by Nachiketa himself five years ago. Gourav’s business has flourished like anything since then but it seems that a new problem is about to emerge — a flyover from Sulekha to Jadavpur thaana will be built soon and he may have to relocate again.