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Genmaicha & Lonjing: You Can Now Enjoy A Japanese High Tea Ceremony At Fuji

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Karma Kettle and the Japanese theme restaurant Fuji have joined hands and come forward with something completely out of the box – a Japanese high tea ceremony with unusual and exhilarating flavours.

Go For Genmaicha

Have you been to the Japanese restaurant Fuji on Sarat Bose Road yet? They are offering a succession of deftly-crafted high tea combos accompanied by a thoughtful list of snacks {like potato and sakana karaage}. The karaage is paired with Genmaicha tea {an amalgamation of Himalayan red rice, handpounded rice, corn kernels and sencha green tea} The potato snacks are INR 289 and the sakana karaage is available at INR 509.

Chrysanthemums And Seabuckthorns

The menu also includes veg and non-veg okonomiyaki {a savory dish that’s like an omelette or frittata made with okonomiyaki flour, eggs, cabbage, bacon, shrimp or other seafood, and topped with condiments}. This is served with Shanti, a green tea which comes with jasmine buds. The veg combo comes for INR 399, and the non-veg is INR 509.

You can also try out the chicken {INR 285} or veg gyoza soup {INR 259} which is paired with a seabuckthorn cooler.

Another awesome combination is the Formosa and chicken Kushiage combo {INR 260}. Formosa is an oolong tea which comes with chrysanthemum. Or you can go for something totally whacky by opting for the fried green tea ice-cream {INR 230} and the Great Wall combo {a combination of pandan, musk melon, lonjing tea and lychee}.

Anything Else?

You might want to purchase the unique teas after having them. But for that, you need to head to Karma Kettle.