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Kolkata Just Got Its First Korean Bakery And Here's Why We Are Celebrating

Sayani posted on 18 April


The city’s nomnom factor just got a new high. Now you can chow down on kimchi and bulk up on bibimbap and Korean breads at King’s Bakery.

A Bun In The Oven

Foodies head to New Town to get high on all things Korean—from bread to buns, donuts, coffee, bowl meals and even pickles to traditional Korean hanbok (a form of Korean clothing) and even martial arts dolls!

The place is run by Seok Jung, a trained Barista from Korea and his wife, Sojin Lee. They have been in Kolkata for three years now.

Everything here is worth picking up, but some things really stood out. Typical Korean breads with toppings like the soboro {bread with peanut topping} or the mocha bun {bread with coffee topping} are a must-try.

The Korean twisted donut with a mild brew coffee, and the bakery’s red bean bread, custard buns and the mini choux can’t be missed.

And the cheese and corn stuffed bread with its cheesy-gooey inside and sweet corn topping will make you swoon!

More Than Breads

Koreans love their coffee and this can be felt in the bakery, especially as Seok is a trained Barista. Coffee fanatics, you can pick up awesome roasted coffee beans. And do look out for the coffee roaster shaped like R2D2!

Sip on the hand-drip coffee for a mild brew or you could also get a perfect cup of Dutch cold brew. What got us really hooked is the Korean mixed coffee with its potent aroma and full-bodied flavour.

Not just baked stuff, they also serve authentic Korean food round the clock. Dig into the kimbabs, bibimbabs, Korean ramen {Shin noodles} and the special King’s salad for a scrumptious meal.

This pitstop for a Korean fix  is really affordable – so wellbeing for your wallet too! All of these meals are available (veg and non-veg) pricedbetween INR 200 to INR 300.

One thing you should note – though the bakery is open from 10 am onwards, they don’t serve the meals between 3:30 pm to 5 pm.

Anything Else?

The best news is they will deliver goodies right to your doorstep for a minimum order of INR 800!


Check out their kimbab triangles (like a petit takeaway version of the real thing). They looked delicious and we’re heading straight for them the next time we go!

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