Instaworthy Locations In Kolkata Where You Can Take The Cutest Photos With Bae

Always wanted adorable pictures with bae to frame or to make your followers on Instagram jealous? Ditch the lakes and Victoria Memorial, these spots are so much cooler!

The Rajbari

Hustle a friend with an old haveli-type rajbari to let you have a photoshoot here. You’ll find many of these old houses in North Kolkata. With an open courtyard and colonial feel, these ancient houses are laden with nostalgia and have been home to some of the most romantic stories in days gone by. Some rajbaris can be booked for a day, like the Alipore Burdhwan rajbari

Tourist Attractions

Burdhwan Rajbari

14/3, Diamond Harbour Road, Alipore, Kolkata


    St Paul's Cathedral

    The majestic church may not allow for photography inside its hallowed halls but the outside gardens also make for a grand photo opportunity. With the cathedral towering over in the backdrop and the well-maintained garden dominating the scene, get a romantic Romeo-Juliet princess theme shoot to treasure your memories.

    Henry Island

    A four-hour drive from Kolkata, Henry Island stands out from the other beaches because of its serene beauty. Long stretches of quiet beach, golden sand and clean water with not a soul in sight sounds like an ideal location for a beach-side shoot. The beach looks gorgeous not only in the dazzling sun but also at sundown when the plants scattered along the coastline make incredible shadows and silhouettes.

    Sail Away On A Boat

    Rent a boat from Princep Ghat and sail into the sunset with your partner and get some great shots of you both looking at each other or staring moodily into the distance. With the sun going down and both the bridges flanking you on either side, this evening shoot on the water will be uber romantic.


    Tourist Attractions

    Princep Ghat

    Fort William, Hastings, Kolkata


      Rabindra Sarovar Lake

      The Rabindra Sarovar Lake is a crowd favourite thanks to the huge lake and the greenery all around that's a refreshing treat to the eyes. Get all those amazing photos clicked by the lake side or this bridge located just a little ahead of the lake. Go early morning or during sunset for the best shots.