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Want Plants Without The Maintenance? This Store Sells Plants That Need No Water Or Soil!

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What Makes It Awesome

Plants that require nothing more than air? Air plants are the newest source of oxygen that you didn’t know exist. The plants from the Tillandsia family available at Air Plant Planet survives largely by absorbing the moisture in the atmosphere and basking in ambient (and not necessarily direct) sunlight around them. 

The silvery green, wispy plant almost looks and sounds fake going by their first impression, but are very much real plants that can add a whimsical touch to your home. Great for those of you going for the minimalist look (and are guilty of having plants die on your watch because you forgot to water them), the plants don’t need soil or much water, but just a container or layered surface of sorts to survive. They can be placed in anything from a hollow branch, to the crevices between pebbles. 

The store sell plants by themselves, but getting them in cute planters from the store will save you some effort. The planters (a loose term in this case) include hanging frames, conch shells, and sea urchins (look out for the hanging sea urchins that look like jellyfish!), and even empty coconuts! The plants start at INR 250 without a planter, and can go up to INR 4,900 for living plant wall frame. The hanging planters with plants start at INR 650, while the table variety sell for INR 350 upwards. They ship across the country so you if you don't live in Bangalore, you can still shop for their products. 

What Could Be Better

While you can also buy the planters separately, they’re tad expensive, so we recommend going for the plants only if you already have something aesthetic to hold them in. Alternatively, if you really want something in a planter, go for something you feel you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


They also sell imported driftwood and lava rocks for your terrarium, aquarium or paludarium. In light of the current situation, Air Plant Planet is also selling certified N95 masks ar a 75% off. Wish to know more? Hit the "Enquire Now" button with any query that you may have.